What We Wore This Week – “It’s Hot and We Look Cool”


It’s time to share the spotlight this week by showcasing some of our favourite guys and their awesome style!  Even though it’s hot we’re still able to look good.  And that’s all that matters, right?

1.  “Summer in the 30’s” on Spencer


I don’t know how Spencer is surviving in this outfit, but he looks freakin’ fantastic.  He pairs blue pants with a grey jacket, a pretty conservative match.  The real pop is that the jacket is single breasted peak lapel:  the true badass cut.  Always be on the look out for these kinds of jackets!


Spencer’s cap is custom made and is a lot larger than those typical “flat caps” that guys wear to Dapper Day or other vintage inspired events.  A true 20s-30s cap has more body and is “puffier”.  It’s more effective at shading your face!

Bonus points for checking out that sick lapel pin.  Anyone want to slip it to him? 😉


I believe that dress boots are a great item because they can be worn with suits or jeans.  It might be odd to wear fun socks with them, but sometimes you gotta do a little something for you!

All Items Vintage 

2.  “Beach Ready” on Ian


Ian has a natural flair for looking effortless in everything.  Instead of buttoning his shirt like he did the last time, he lets his shirt fly and shows off his Union Jack tank.  He finishes his look off with brow-line shades from yours truly and a gorgeous panama hat.  It’s another summer must have.


Panama Hat from H&M, Shirt and Tank from H&M, Shoes from Sperry Top-Sider, Apple Watch 

3.  “The Streetwear Loner” on Mark 


Propping your collar is always cool on a jacket and Mark knows it.  He’s pretty monochromatic with a  black shirt and fading black jeans but breaks it up with his blue jacket and white shoes.  Even though he’s pretty skinny, Mark accents his legs with no breaks! 


He’s not a guy with huge expression in style but sometimes its best to keep it subdued.  You go Mark!


White shoes are perfect for summer and sneakers are the best way to keep it casual!  Maybe he should wear these with a suit next time!

4.  “The Fast Learner” on Vincent 


VInce has really matured into a great dresser.  For this look, he shows us that you don’t always have to wear chinos or khakis with a blazer; you can definitely wear blue jeans! Thanks to the jeans, he retains his skater roots while transitioning into a mature, well dressed PT student. Who wouldn’t want to be therapy-ed by this guy?


Vince isn’t one for crazy ties, so I’m glad he kept his ensemble simple like his brother.  A blue oxford shirt blends well with his patch pocket white blazer while his black tie keeps up the formality.

UntitledAlways loving his suede captoes!   Texture gives shoes a perfect mix of casual and formal. I suggest to look out for these at any chance you get!

Oxford Shirt from Macy’s, White Patch Pocket Jacket from H&M, Jeans from Pac Sun, Thrifted Suede Captoes 

5.  “The Padawan of Sprezz” on Adam 


Vince might be quick, but Adam is the one who has been really studying menswear from me.  He’s increased his sock game and jumped on the white pants hype, but this look is especially great because he’s doing what I love: mixing patterns and textures.  


Check it out: scratchy linen on top of a floral print shirt.   If you go tieless, you’re removing another potential pattern of your outfit.  Make up for it by adding some patterns and textures!

UntitledAdam wins today for me because he’s got the perfect summer sartorial casual vibe that I like to exude.

Linen Jacket from Forever 21, Floral Shirt from Cotton On, Socks from Target, White Jeans from Target

6.  “American Workwear”  on Ethan 

UntitledYou guys all know how much I love classic American clothes, and the denim jacket is definitely one.  While most people associate denim (or jean) jackets with the 60s and 70s, I mostly associate them with blue collar workers in the 1940s and 50s.   To keep it vintage inspired, I wear a plain white tee and a fedora.  Pretty cool right?


The best thing about a great denim jacket is how thin it is.  Ideally, you should be able to fit this item under a suit or blazer for a cool take on a three piece. However, it’s summer and theres no way in hell I’m wearing this with a suit anytime soon! But it’s nice to have the option.

Another great thing about denim jackets is that it should have four pockets. Two normal ones to put your hands in and two breast pockets for small things like keys, sunglasses, and wallets.  Personally, I don’t like putting items in my pockets because it like having streamlined legs!


For fedoras, I think that only plain, full brimmed ones look best.  Stingy brimmed fedoras with any sort of pattern (like stripes of plaid) are the ones you associate with dudebros and bronys.  Don’t do it guys.

Untitledinstead of boots, I brought this classic look into the 2010s with some nice suede penny loafers.  I used to be against these, but now the modern design has a slender shoe with a pointed tip, which is the only true ideal shape for a shoe.  Plus they’re blue! How cool is that?

White Tee from Target, Denim Jacket from Gap, Jeans from Hot Topic,

Stetson Fedora from Paper Moon Vintage, Suede Penny loafers from Banana Republic 

Who Wins? 

We’ve got a great variety of looks this week! I gotta say, I’m impressed with everyone and can’t wait for when we feature these guys more often!  So, from vintage to modern sprezz, who do you think is the best dressed?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Photography by Ethan W. 

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