What We Wore This Week: Individual Style

UntitledLet’s end the week with some great styles from my friends!  There’s a variety of different styles here along with a very special guest! 

1.  “Adventurer Vibes” on Marcus

 Chambray is a fabric that has been used in American workwear for a long time.  Nowadays, it can be used to evoke that original labor look or even be preppy!  The utility nature of the shirt also brings about a safari vibe (especially with the two chest pockets) which was definitely evoked by  Chris Pratt’s outfit in Jurassic World.  Marcus combines his Jurassic World shout-out with his classic brown fedora, marking his own unique take on a adventure look!  He’s even got boots!    

Shirt from King Size Catalog, Pants from Dockers, Boots from Bass Shoes Outlet, Vintage brown Fedora 

2.  “All American Man” on Spencer Untitled

Spencer and I were recently invited to go to an Independence Day celebration and we were encouraged to represent America with our vintage clothes.  As you can see, Spencer’s entire outfit has Red, White, and Blue.  Even though it’s hot, Spencer combines a lightweight sweater with his gorgeous 40’s window pane suit (which has red windowpanes!).  The real kicker is his epic eyelet shirt.  An eyelet shirt has holes for a collar bar instead of using ones that clip.  These types of shirts are a must-have for any dandy!

Untitled   Here’s a great detail shot!  You can see the different colored stripes in his jacket.  Modern suits (within our purchase price) simply don’t have these types of fabrics and patterns.  It’s also cool to check out his lapel pin; it’s a true vintage 1940’s WWII pin.  Nothing says American like standing up to fascism.


Last but not least, let’s check out Spencer’s shirt!  That small print is his monogram with his initials. Different companies offer monograms for a small fee, and I believe its a cool investment.  Its like the shirt was made especially for you!

He’s also got a gold revolver cufflinks (not quite open carry) on his french cuff shirt. Cufflinks are a great way for guys to show off personality.  Personally, I don’t wear them often but if you do, use it as an opportunity to stand out, even if it’s a subtle way.

Eyelet French Cuff Shirt from Brooks Brothers, Red Sweater from Uniqlo, All other items vintage

3.  “Double Whammy” on Adam 

Untitled Seersucker blazers are one of the sickest pieces a person can own.  The fabric is so light, its like you’re wearing nothing at all!  This makes it a perfect summer blazer.  Adam combines it with its natural cousins:  navy chinos and a white shirt.  Now his outfit is particularly cool because he can exude two looks, depending on whether or not he’s wearing a jacket.  With the jacket on, he’s perfectly preppy, ready for a barbecue or regatta gala.  But when he takes it off…


He looks like those hipster barbers.  Now that’s not an insult; I really dig those looks!  It works really well with trim guys and Adam is no exception.  He looks like he should have a sleeve of tattoos and a beard.  Normally its a faux-pa to wear a short sleeve shirt under a blazer, but’s summer.  Who the hell cares!

Untitled The funny thing about this is that everything he’s wearing except the shoes was originally mine.  Look at how the pieces fit on Adam. There’s no way I could wear these today without some extensive tailoring.  While the pieces are classic (navy blue chinos, blue suspenders, white shirt, seersucker blazer) you shouldn’t wear them if they don’t fit!  Instead of throwing them away, give them to someone who you know can rock them.  Adam has been wearing a lot of my old clothes lately and it’s been awesome to see him give new life to my old pieces.   Shirt from Target, Navy Chinos from Hollister, Seersucker Suit Jacket from Jos A. Bank, Spectator Shoes from thrift Store

4.  “The Rockstar” on Vince


Since I was a kid, Vince has wanted to be a rockstar; he plays the guitar, drums, and even sings! Vince has now grown his punk/indie style into a mature rockstar’s uniform:  black shoes, skinny jeans, tee shirt, and kick-ass jacket.  He has the most attitude in his look, despite having a simple look. You’ll note that his pants have breaks even though my main advice is to hem them.  Personally, if you’re going for a rugged look (think rockstar, biker, or streetwear) breaks are fine as long as the pants fit extremely well.  Vince has skinny jeans on, breaks are fine here.

Untitled A striped shirt says nautical, but thinner stripes are more street.  Consider this when you’re buying one!  Also, try to buy jackets with a long collar.  Personally, I think it looks awesome when you’re able to drape the collar like Vince is!  Untitled Sock game that matches with your shirt?  Pretty sneaky, Vince. Thrifted Shoes, Jeans from Pacsun, Shirt from Pacsun, Thrifted Jacket 

5.  “California Casual” on Ethan  UntitledI don’t do vintage inspired often, since I own actual vintage clothes, but it’s fun to take a cool spin with your clothes and see what you can do!  This is the perfect California sportswear uniform from the 1940’s:  open collar, sportcoat, and light pants.  You might wonder how I’m surviving the heat with such dark colors on my torso but the answer lies  in the fabrics.  Both the jacket and the shirt are extremely lightweight and breathable which helps if I get sweaty.

UntitledFinishing my look with my signature pair of brow-line shades just takes this look into the late 40s and early 50s.  This shot in particular should show off the awesome fabric and pattern of the jacket.  If you ever want to stand out, buy these types of jackets.  They’re way more fun that a simple plain piece!

Casual Sport shirt from the GAP, Off-White suit pants from Zara, Thrifted Spectator Shoes, Thrifted Jacket (Tailored).

6.  “My 40’s Gal” on Fran

UntitledHere’s our special guest:  my gal Fran.  I know Street x Sprezza is a menswear blog, but I just had to show you Fran’s outfit! Just like my outfit, all the pieces are modern but she definitely evokes the late 40’s by styling it correctly!  There’s no real reason we got dressed up; it was just another Friday for us.  I don’t have much more to say except that she looks gorgeous!



Fran knows I’m a sucker for printed fabrics and matching them with other pieces, so she actually matched her nails to the dress!  She’s a keeper.

Dress from Forever 21

I hoped you like the outfits from this week! Which one was your favourite?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W.

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