I’m going to start a new feature:  reviews!  I’ll talk about my latest purchase and throw on a quick outfit to show it off!  So for my first review I give you the Nike Killshot by J. Crew.

J. Crew has always been a great brand to me.  They have quality pieces, ranging from suits and ties to scarves and jeans.  Their style is very American, as they are very preppy and modern at the same time.  Unlike Brooks Brothers, they cater to a younger audience, with everything being slim fit.  They even started designing joggers in wool fabrics!  If you don’t own anything J. Crew, you should definitely start.  The store has something for everyone, from the sprezza to the workwear enthusiasts.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more guys wearing sneakers with their suits.  I’ve tried it once, but I found that a white sneaker gives the look much more justice.  The white is clean and adds a much bigger component of casual to any sartorial look.  Most of the guys who do this look often use Stan Smith Adidas or Chucks, but I didn’t want to follow the trend of wearing completely white shoes.  My friend Kaitlin told me “it will look like you’re wearing nurses shoes”.  After that statement, I couldn’t unsee it; I needed to find a great sneaker to wear that wasn’t the typical white.

My first choice was the Nike Killshot II; if you’re on reddit, you definitely know this shoe. It’s featured in their sidebar and tons of users show it off on their weekly “What Shoe Are You Wearing Today” posts.  I’ve got to agree; it’s trusty, sleek, and casual all at the same time.  Most of the time, guys wear it with their dark wash jeans.  A little boring, I know, but it’s a go to look that’s easy to throw on if you don’t know what to wear.  I even posted a question to reddit asking if this is a great shoe for suits.   Almost immediately, people lashed out, wondering why I’d ever combine sneakers and suits.  Maybe these people haven’t experimented with style.  I mean even Bradley Cooper has done it! 

Thinking “screw you guys”, I decided to go to my local J. Crew and get the shoes.  But they didn’t carry size 8 (I know, small feet) in their store.  Luckily, their helpful staff placed an order for me and waived the express shipping.  In only 3 days, I received my new pair of shoes! And they. Are. Awesome.

Untitled The first Killshot came out 30 years ago, perforated and mainly used for running.   The current Killshot (mark II) has been updated by J. Crew, using leather and suede in the upper and utilizing a nice blue swoosh.  Other colors have been produced, but the blue and white one is only available at J. Crew.  Some people might be turned off by the yellow gum, but I dig it.  The gum, along with the prominent swoosh, keeps the sportswear aesthetic alive and sets it apart from the other hyped white sneakers.  Wearing these shoes are sure to put a cool casual spin on any look.


This outfit is just something I threw together to show off how I’d wear my Killshots:  tailored with a casual twist.  I’ve got a woven shirt with a navy tie, combined with very casual light blue chinos. Instead of a blazer, I donned my denim jacket to keep with the “sartorial casual” theme.  Honestly, this look would be great for a chill office.  The shoes say comfort while the rest of the outfit means business.  Once 5PM rolls around, you’re ready to hang out with the guys, no change in clothes necessary.


I haven’t broken them in yet, but already, they feel extremely comfortable.  At first I was a little concerned, since I have wide feet but, after I wear them out a few more times, they’ll be good to go!   As I said before, these are white shoes and have both leather and suede, so if you’re a guy obsessed with clean like Tim, these might be hard to maintain. Personally, I very seldom clean my shoes and I actually prefer the “used” aesthetic on some of my footwear (to an extent).


You guys are probably still in the “you can’t wear those with nice clothes” mindset, but I hope that this post helps you break out of it!  While not exactly business wear, pairing your Killshots with a khaki or blue suit for a day out on the town will definitely help you stand out and turn some heads.  If you guys are finding ways to mix your comfort and style, this is the way to go.  Pretty soon, I’ll put small guide on wearing sneakers with tailored clothes, but for now just go out there and get a Killshot.  For only $70 bucks (compared to the $100+ adidas and New Balances), these guys are a steal.


Denim Jacket from GAP, Shirt from Banana Republic, Thrifted Tie, Anchor Tie Bar from J. Crew

Chinos from Uniqlo, Nike Killshot II from J. Crew

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

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