The Nola Trip Day Three: The French Quarter


This day in NOLA was spent eating some exotic foods and exploring the French Quarter!


The humidity was finally replaced with a colder wind, which was ironic since this was the day I decided to not wear any layers. For this outfit, I went casual with an off-white Henley, black jeans, my trusty trench coat, and my loafers. Perfect for walking around the French Quarter and holding all the free samples and menus I got!



The fedora actually got a few mentions from passerby’s, but a drunk man on Bourbon street did attempt to take it. I’m not sure about you guys, but I think I’ve had enough of that place to last a lifetime.



Henley from J. Crew Factory, Jeans from PacSun, Trench coat from Burberry

The first stop of the day was at Café Du Monde to get some of their famous beignets and coffee.  The amount of powdered sugar spilt on the table made me feel like Jordan Belfort and his drugged up life.




My mom had organized a culinary history tour of the different places in the French Quarter. We had the pleasure of having an retired history teacher as our tour guide, so we received plenty of information. I don’t remember all of it to write down, but basically creole gumbo has tomato and Cajun doesn’t.

I don’t have many detail shots, but I had gumbo from Antoine’s Restaurant; bacon pralines from Leah’s Pralines; creole mustard and shrimp from Arnaud’s; mufaletta sandwiches, cinnamon sorbet, and a dessert thing from La Divina; beef brisket from Tujaques; and red beans and rice!








Not all the food went down with me, but I’m a guy who doesn’t really deviate from his preset foods. So I believe it was a great experience, both to try some new flavours and things I wouldn’t normally eat and to learn the rich history of New Orleans.

Last full day is tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. and Camden W. 

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