What We Wore This Week: “Debonair DB’s”


What do you wear when you attend a wedding?

Double-breasted is the answer.


Spencer went with the most formal iteration of the double-breasted jacket: the tuxedo.  Nowadays, you typically see a single-breasted tuxedo (in a peak or shawl collar variant) so this particular outfit is definitely stands out.  This piece is a vintage 1930’s one, so the gorge is still high even though it’s only a 4×1, which has been typically low thanks to the 1980’s and 1990’s.


Don’t worry guys, Spencer’s attire is appropriate.  It was his father’s wedding!  While I love to take on any opportunity to wear a tuxedo, it is important to know when wearing one is appropriate.  Since I was just a guest to the reception, it would be definitely inappropriate for me to wear one.

Overall, we see black tie attire done correctly.  He has a true tuxedo shirt with studs and a french cuff.  You could probably get away with a crisp normal white button-up like I normally do, but there really is a sense of elegance when you get all the rules done right.

Just so you guys know, going vintage with formal wear is definitely the way to go.  There are plenty of digustingly ugly rental tuxes out there and choosing a vintage one is the best way to guarantee quality.  Many times, it can be just as expensive or even cheaper than buying a high quality tux!


Jay’s wearing a bespoke double-breasted suit that he had commission during his summer trip to Korea.  It’s filled with all sorts of personal choices: the 4×2 closure, lack of breast buttons, and slanted (hacking) pockets.   A pinstripe suit is normally corporate looking, but these changed details definitely say fashionable rather than office drone.  The stripes are also very subtle, which helps if you don’t want to stand out too much.

If you have the opportunity, definitely try to change up your tie and shirt game!  Jay’s got a nice club collared shirt and a muted red knit tie, which works perfectly with his striped suit.  The absence of a pocket square is risky for me, but it goes with his more subtle outfit.  Jay’s outfit is more about looking good without over-doing it.




The difference between vintage and vintage-inspired looks is the actual state of the clothes.  Before you look into the details, you’d probably assume that this is a vintage 1930s suit.  It’s actually my MTM suit from Indochino, worn with a vintage collar, suit, and bowtie!  The details can truly change how your outfit looks.


Just compare the fit of the suit now to the the one when I first received it. Great tailoring can really take your clothes to the next level!


A diamond-tipped print bow tie is one rakish accessory.  It’s funner than other normal ones and a classic print (like dots) is instantly way better than any solid colored bow tie.  I personally believe that a solid bowtie should only be used for tuxedos.


Another way to stand out is to wear some kick-ass spectator shoes.  These shoes were meant to gather attention, since they have their history with tap dancing. The black and white variety of spectator shoe is fitting for dark colored suits and are a particularly cool choice to wear with a pinstripe suit, since the white will definitely pop with the stripes.

I really liked this outfit.  It may look like I’m a gangster from the 1930’s, but I haven’t worn true vintage in a while.  I missed this style!


Always fun to feature awesome women’s clothing.  Here, Bronte is going straight Miami vice with a low gorge DB and white shirt.  There’s not much to say here, but it’s a pretty cool blend of sartorial clothing and casual street wear.  I’d definitely wear something like this on a casual day.


I hope you enjoyed everyone’s style!

Always a pleasure,


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Vince H. and Ethan W. 

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