What I Wore on Thanksgiving and Black Friday ft. Pleats

One’s a fantastic day spent with loved ones.  The other is a day filled with demanding customers, long lines, and standing for 8 hours.  Both times I dressed for comfort!



Nothing like going a bit traditional for this American holiday!  It’s all pretty normal stuff and not crazy like my normal style.  It’s a simple light brown double breasted jacket, worn with an OCBD, silk knit tie, pleated grey flannels, and loafers!  No real pattern mixing and  all easy going; you can lose any of the pieces to make it a bit more casual!  I was certainly comfortable on thanksgiving in my “ivy” outfit.


A blue blazer would’ve been even more traditional, but this one worked just fine!


The only patterns are found in the jacket! No striped shirts or print ties for me today.


As we’ve stated before, pleats are definitely cool. They add comfort and are heavily recommended for guys with large thighs who like to wear tailored trousers! These are some awesome Polo Ralph Lauren ones that I found at a thrift store and slimmed down at my tailor.  You don’t have to pay thousands to get some from Salvatore Ambrosi (the master of tailored trousers); you can still achieve the same look with some thrifted vintage items and the tailor!  You can always read about the first one I did here.  


White socks? Ivy as hell. 


Double breasted jacket from Indochino, Custom OCBD from Natty Shirts, vintage silk knit tie, thrifted Polo Ralph Lauren flannel trousers, white socks from Uniqlo, AE Loafers (eBay)

Black Friday


Here’s what I wore on Black Friday.  Our dress code at the store was to wear all black but I definitely bent the rules.  Instead of going all black (which fades in light), I decided to go monochromatic and mix blues and dark grays to create this outfit! It’s a vintage sportcoat, worn with a turtleneck, pleated stretch pants, and loafers.  I could’ve gone all tailored with more structured garments, but because I was going to be moving around folding, helping customers, and running products, I wanted to wear something comfortable!

I don’t normally recommend going monochromatic, but you can’t deny how cool it is to wear all dark colors.  You may not be working on black friday with a uniform, but you could definitely wear this out for an evening event where black tie isn’t required!


I’ve always endorsed turtlenecks for as long as I can remember.  It’s a bit more sophisticated than a normal sweater and shirt combo.  It  definitely gives a “vintage edge” to your outfit a la Steve McQueen; my version with dark colors and clean lines is more beatnik though.

Don’t worry; my turtleneck isn’t wool so I won’t die of heatstroke during my shift!


I just want to talk this moment and talk about this awesome jacket.  It’s a 1960’s Ivy style jacket that I found at Goodwill!  At first glance, it looks like normal jacket, but its the vintage details that really set it apart.  Note the 3 roll 2 stance; each of the buttons are spaced pretty far apart, with the bottom button lined perfectly with the pocket.  There’s also a lack of darts, as this is made in a the sack suit style that we’ve explored before.  However, it is still pretty fitted and not too roomy!

The label on the inside is more designer rather than established ivy brands like J. Press or Chipp. This is certainly a testament to the fact that menswear brands in the 1960s jumped on the ivy trend and incorporated these details into their designs! Even though this jacket isn’t made by a prized traditional manufacturer, I still love it and it was perfect to wear with this monochromatic outfit.


Skeletal lining; something you don’t see everyday, especially not at the mall.


Now it’s time to talk trousers. I normally only wear “regular fabrics” like wool, linen, and cotton.  These however, are “stretchy” and are nylon, elastine, and some other stuff that I’m not sure about.  They certainly look like the Ralph Lauren ones, but they’re much different. They’re pretty drape-y yet comfortable, probably meant to be worn with street wear fits instead of tailoring.   I found them at Club Monaco on sale and decided to try the,!

These pants work well in this outfit, but this is the most that I’ll ever dress them up.  I’m probably going to wear them with sneakers, tees, and coats to further my casual, streetstyle inspired outfits.  Les Freres Joachim has been a huge inspiration for me to try it!  Expect to see them in the future, probably in “Tees and Trousers 3” 😉


Turtleneck from H&M, thrifted 1960’s Ivy style jacket, pleated pants from Club Monaco, AE Penny Loafers (eBay)

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on my outfits from Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Both very different, yet simple and comfy.  I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Now enjoy some cool pictures of my family.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W., David W. 




My dad stuntin’



A whole family of dorks. 


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