April 21 Bonus, Poker, Unpopular Opinions, and Film Score Talk

W.C. Fields Playing Poker Photograph by Underwood Archives

It’s the end of the month, so we’ve got some bonus pods and streams for you to enjoy! They definitely are about menswear, but perhaps more tangentially so.

First up is the a preview of the bonus episode, with the full audio (or the full dip as it were) available exclusively to our Patreon subscribers.

It’s quite a funny episode, as we really didn’t have an outline for it! A part of it goes into our experiences in retail, specifically about disgusting customers and the annoying requirement to constantly sell credit cards. I know I’ve talked a bit positively about my time in retail (as it really broke me out of my shy shell), but I absolutely hated selling brand credit cards. They’re just not worth it; no one is buying from Banana Republic that much (and if you are, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you).

We’re always open to submissions for topics on these bonus episodes, so feel free to DM our Instagram or leave a comment below!

On that note, I also want to take time to thank Producer Matt for his work on the podcast! It’s not mentioned in that episode proper, but this was his last month of working in an official capacity with us. We’re slightly changing the way we do our backend (especially as things open up again), so Matt will be reverted to civillian status. Don’t worry though- he will still be in our bonus episodes and our Saturday Twitch streams! I’ve not only appreciated his work outlining the quotes of the pod (which we put into our social postings), but he has brought a fresh (yet similar) perspective to our discussions.

You guys know that Wednesday is our casual sttream night, so we alternate between commentating on MJ’s gameplay and doing Poker with the boys! This one is the latter, featuring our pals Jason and Kiyoshi.

This is quite literally a 2 hour stream of guys playing poker, with occasional anecdotes about popular culture and menswear. I believe that I bring up an upcoming Palm Springs trip (of which I am currently on) and source the audience on what to wear. I’m not sure I’ll turn that into a blog post, as I only brought a film camera, but who knows! Maybe in a few weeks you’ll see what I was up to on this mini staycation.

April was also the the first month we’ve started archiving our SadHead Saturday segment! For those of you who don’t know, this is where we review and hype up the dudes who submit their fits to the podcast Instagram (totally not taken from TF’s #fitcheckfriday). I’m not sure why I opted to not archive the segment, perhaps to make sure more people tune in live, but at least now it’s available for everyone to see!

Since this is a regular segment, it’s not worth recapping every time. However, I’m sharing with you my favorite one from the month, as it has a the most contributors we’ve ever had! I’m immensely proud of the listenership of the podcast and clearly all of you have great command over your personal style.

This was the big one. Since Spencer was attending a wedding, we decided to have a huge discussion on our unpopular menswear opinions! We sourced them from everywhere, my personal DMs, my twitter, and of course, our Discord community.

It was a great time and full some of hot takes, which are actually quite niche due to our specialized menswear taste. Some hot takes include not liking the spearpoint collar (I was aghast), not liking linen due to its season-specific wearability, and that spring/summer > fall/winter (true heresy). I definitely recommend watching the entire stream and leave a comment: tell us what you agreed with, what you didn’t, and what your unpopular menswear opinions are!

Oh and on a Wednesday gaming stream (where MJ plays Spider-Man on the PS5), I rant a bit about film scores and Hans Zimmer. If you recall, I’m a big fan of film scores and I have some strong opinions on the industry and current landscape, which probably echo my feelings on “explorepage” fashion and other iGent menswear stuff.

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Oh and don’t forget, we do a podcast every two weeks!


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The Podcast is produced by MJ and Matthew.

Big thank you to our top tier Patrons (the SaDCast Fanatics): Seth Peterson, Eric Hall, Philip Gregard, Shane Curry, Austin Malott, and Audrey Jessica

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