Pitti Dreams, Being Fuddy, Olympics Uniforms, Dressing for Ourselves, and AMA!

Style Poll: Ralph Lauren's Team USA Olympic Uniforms

Here’s a few streams and Pitti dreams for your enjoyment! And yes, we cover the Olympics in the most SaD way possible.

Pitti Uomo 100 was during early July and it really got us hankering for some menswear streetstyle. So we looked into a few online publications for Pitti coverage and decided to react to the images on our Twitch stream! Since quite a few countries are still in lockdown (LA just went back into it), there wasn’t a huge selection but at the very least, there were a few familiar faces wearing some great outfits. Nothing all that new or trend worthy (though the J. Mueser boys have been pushing for somber/monochromatic tailoring lately), but it was still nice to see what Pitti had to offer.

If things get better at the end of the year, maybe we’ll do a follow up stream for Pitti 101, which should include fall/winter attire. Our favorite!

Inspired by that Pitti streetstyle coverage, we decided to make Pitti Uomo the focus of our Patreon Exclusive episode of the podcast- the only official Style & Direction content to come out for the month of July.

In it, Spencer, MJ and I talk about our dream Pitti: what would we wear, if we would try to set a trend, and what flavor of Gelato would be first on the list! Even though I’d love to photograph some of the best dressed people at the Fortela, I’m much more concerned about the inside. It’s a trade show after all- do you think it’s like the typical business conferences and conventions that you see in sitcoms? Or is it more like a fan expo, like Comic Con or Anime Expo, just with guys fawning over menswear personalities?

I guess we’ll find out in 2024. Do your thing Patreon.

That middle-right outfit would be killer to wear to pitti.
Chase and Matt are our current tailoring vibes.

I don’t have much to say other than defusing bombs (virtually) is a stressful pastime. It’s even better when you know that it’s been years since Spencer and I have played this- Jason and Kiyoshi hadn’t done it before at all. Take a break from menswear and watch us struggle with very simple puzzles.

To be clear, only the defuser themselves sees the bomb- the ones reading the instructions have to rely on the defuser to describe the puzzle to them.

I am quite happy that Permanent Style has taken a small respite from writing reviews on some of the best menswear in the world and is now doing essays on his philosophy behind clothing. We haven’t really reacted to his essays before, but we started here with his piece on Flash vs. Fuddy.

There are quite a few similarities between his piece and the one I did on Slouch vs. Stuffy, though Simon seems to be focused more on the design aspects of certain menswear pieces. For example, he recalls a conversation he had with a friend where they said that tassels were too flashy while the rounded LHS was too fuddy. While I can agree on those monikers, I think that menswear tends to lean into both (which Simon also says). To me, it’s more about whether or not I can be slouchy in a garment, which is more about the rule of cool and confidence; in short, it’s about the attitude and overall vibe rather than a singular component of an outfit.

However the discussion on what is flash or fuddy is a good one and is certainly something to think about, especially if you prefer a more granular, specific take on menswear. It definitely appeals to Simon’s regular audience who have shall we say interesting views on menswear. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t “get” my slouch essay, provided that it’s on their radar at all.

My birthday party happened to be the same day as the Throwing Fits BBQ. Since TF represents a post-menswear look that is fully in the current discourse, it was fun to look into what small snapshot we had into this NYC event. I’m not sure what we expected, but the pics all show merch tees, gorp shorts, loafers, and some sort of dad hat. Honestly, I’d probably wear the same thing if I attended, filtered through my own POV of course.

It makes me wonder what a SaDHead meet up would look like. Would there also be a cohesive look? This essay might be a good indication of what it would be like.

We look at Permanent Style yet again, reacting this time to another question he posed: should you dress for yourself or for others? It’s a question entirely based on context, goals, and comfort, at least to us. Countless essays and streams of mine tackle this concept quite a bit and it’s a surprise to no one when I say that I think you should dress for yourself. However, this involves the wearer having a high degree of confidence as well as knowing what their goals are. If you want to stand out, do it! If you want to blend in and be no more than a body in a seat, then you can do that too; both of those intentions counts as dressing for yourself.

Simon’s piece does a good job in showing his personal struggle with the question; it’s no easy feat to choose one over the other when you have a traditional job and you have a specific taste in clothing. Props to him for putting it to paper! However, as you probably suspected, some of the comments are quite odd; one wonders just how fun they are in real life.

Since the Olympics just started, we decided to look at Ralph Lauren’s designs for Team USA. In broad strokes, the outfits aren’t bad, being just a blazer with white buttons, a striped shirt, and jeans. It is quite historically “American”, as we state in the stream, but I’m personally not a huge fan of it. At least it wasn’t as bad as Italy’s!

As a palate cleanser, we look at some vintage Olympic uniforms- they’re pretty good!

Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA Olympics outfits ripped as 'preppy' and  'pretentious' online after Opening Ceremony

We finish this entry off with a little AMA sent in from our readers and Patrons!

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