DBs Galore in The Player (1992)

“Can we talk about something other than Hollywood for a change?”

You’ve gotta hand it to Spencer; without his taste in movies, I’d be stuck watching cameo-filled blockbusters and dumb rom coms. But hey, I always enjoy what I watch. And I enjoyed this one!

The subject of the next bonus episode is Robert Altman’s Hollywood satire The Player. It follows Griffin Mill, a young Hollywood exec (played by Tim Robbins) who struggles with paranoia about losing his job to a another La La Land exec as well as the the death threats he keeps getting from a mysterious writer with a grudge. He ends up doing something quite rash that only adds to the problems he already had.

Everyone in the film is dressed pretty well, which makes sense considering its full of well-to-do execs, aspiring writers, and famous actors (playing themselves). All of the execs have the Yuppie/corporate look in spades, donning long slouchy DBs, foulard ties, striped shirts, and slick hair. It’s quite a contrast to how suits are worn today in pop culture, many of which are vibrant and very slim fit.

Now the only other Altman film that I’ve seen in its entirety was The Long Goodbye where Philip Marlowe basically wears one outfit the entire film. This one definitely has a lot of fun with the attire. You can clearly see that characters go through different outfits while remaining on a cohesive theme. Obviously, I was particularly enamored with Griffin’s style. He has a strong predilection for DBs, whether its as a full suit or separates. You’ll notice that he, like my Atelier Fugue DB suits, prefers a 4×2 closure with patch pockets, a bit unusual for a corporate look but it looks great nonetheless.

The other execs follow suit (lol) with their own DBs, multi-stripe shirts, and abstract ties. It’s always funny to see how much more interesting corporate style used to be; now we’re stuck with plain, open collar spread collar shirts and electric blue suits. While the movie is clearly very 90s, these exec “uniforms” give off an even older vibe, looking like a 90s does 40s/50s film.

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This is so good! I’d just opt for a spearpoint collar 😉
The suspenders definitely add to the retro vibe of the film.
We need to bring back big patch pockets.
I like the taupe socks with the grey suit and brown footwear.
I really want a grey suit now.
A tonal ribbed tank!
The air-tie, dark shirt, and DB sets back into the 90s.
I like that nearly every suit Griffin wears has the same details.
A bit prom, but a cool use of black and white for black tie.
A bit of a crazier jacket: a shawl collar DB with no breast pocket. The use of it with an abstract tie and trousers (both cream) take us out of Esquire Man and into the 50s Bold Look; still appropriate for a film about Hollywood!
This is very Bold Look. I can imagine a swing dancer wear this exact combination.
Green 4×1!
Griffin’s workplace enemy, Larry Levy has his own take on the Yuppie look. It’s safer than Griffin’s outfit which sets the two apart.
I don’t know why guys dislike multistripe shirts and abstract ties.
He’s got great taste in shirts!
Levison in corporate attire.
It’s like half 1949 and half 1992.
David Kahane, an aspiring screenwriter, has a more “artistic” look with the wire frames, air tie, and thin shawl lapelled jacket.
This is slightly ivy, but the hair makes it feel more late 50s.

Execs and DBs, name a better combination!
Stuckel is the head of studio security and acts as a bit of a fixer. He has a great plaid DB with a chambray tab collar shirt!
I feel like the odd shirt on the mail boy reminds me of the novelty shirts of the 50s and early 60s.
Goldblum in a gross sweater.
Burt Reynolds has a weird jacket with flapped patch pockets, including the breast one!
Buck Henry wearing a yellow OCBD over a blue polo. I’m sure the ivy heads love him; he did write The Graduate after all!
A bit of Seinfeld core on this man, with a mockneck, grey jacket, and mid wash jeans. Oh, and a western belt!
Artsy look on Richard E. Grant (middle) with a blue jacket, sweater, and cigarette.
Their attire really does say a lot about them.
A 90s look, but it also reminds me of the 50s (Ricky Jackets and Hollywood waist trousers). Her dress on the other hand is firmly planted in the release date era.
This is how I’m trying to be.

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