Drake’s London for Less: The Fall ’16 Lookbook

<Drake’s is a company that we’ve referenced many times through the course of this blog. For those of you who are familiar with the company, they first got their start in the 1970’s selling ties and pocket squares.  30 years later, the company has expanded their product offering!  They’ve begun to offer shirts, sportcoats, sweaters, and (now) high-rise pants!  To celebrate their latest products and the opening of their first American store, I decided to do an “Inspiration for Less” based on their newly released Fall 2016 look book.

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Our Vintage Style at the Fall 2016 Dapper Day

It’s our bi-annual tradition to go to Dapper Day at Disneyland.  People go to the parks dressed in their best attire, whether its vintage, vintage inspired, modern, or anything in between!  While the style varied a lot between the guests, our group went decidedly 1930s-1940s as we usually do, combining textures and patterns as expertly as possible. Here’s what we wore on that slightly mild November day!

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What We Wore This Week: The Herringbone Twins

Herringbone is a classic pattern that has been found on suits, jackets, shirts, and even ties.  Dan Trepanier from Articles of Style wrote a great piece on it’s history.  Being a classic pattern, it provides a great vintage look when found on a sport coat or suit!  It’s been a while since we’ve done a “What We Wore This Week”, so here’s our latest entry with Spencer and I both wearing the pattern!

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Going Ivy with White Socks


One of the many #menswear sins that people like to spout out is to never wear brown shoes with a black suit.  It causes repulsion in some, conniptions in others, and a shunning glance to all.  Even so, there is one sin that is far worse than even that: wearing white socks with dress shoes.  In fact, I haven’t seen too much of it since the 1990s thanks to multiple #menswear bloggers and vloggers who aim to stamp out this inglorious affectation.   However there’s something intriguing about pairing white socks with formal clothing that has been calling out to me.  This practice started in the 1950s and 1960s, and while I take a lot of my cues from the 30s, it’s time we look somewhere else for inspiration.

Update 8/31/18:  Okay so I reference this article a lot, but I do white socks for a lot more than just sartorial stuff. Go figure.

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Tweed is Perfect for Fall

There’s nothing more fall than tweed!  This past weekend, I was able to enjoy not only a dinner with my family but with my friends.  My outfit for the family party was casual, but I was able to break out the old tweed suit for a dinner party hosted by my pals, Spencer and Jay.  Us three got into the spirit of fall by wearing some dope tweed outfits!  We’ve got all three variations of tweed in here:  herringbone, fleck, and glen plaid! Check them out.

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