Campus Search Tuesdays – Spring is Here

Welcome back everyone! Sorry we’ve been lagging with content as of recently, but we’re back this week with the first Campus Search Tuesday of the quarter! Check it out to see if you made it!

Spring is finally here! Expect to see a lot more tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses as we make our way into the warmer weather!

1. “Smart Spring Layering”


The perfect way of following up the Winter season, layering a denim shirt over a dark, short dress.

2. “Flow-y Florals”


Loving the colors and patterns of the skirt.

3. “J’s for Days”


Another clean example by Jon here. Mixing up the preppy-ness of a cardigan with the street aesthetics of joggers and Jordan’s.

4. “Oxford Comma”


Another great example of styling with a cardigan. I’m digging the light purple undertones in Raj’s shirt.

5. “Street Savvy”


I love the light colors on top. Got show some love to the Nike Flyknits too. Joggers are perfect for showcasing your kicks.

6. “Clean Basics”


An easy way of setting yourself apart from the basics. A nice pocket tee and some Nike TrainerEndor’s.

7. “Runnin Through the Six with My Woes”


You know how that should go. Great examples of how fit, material, and the cut of t-shirts can give variety to a simple look. (I’m sorry ‘Know Yourself’ by Drake has been stuck in my head this whole week)

8. “Boarding School Prep”


A nice throwback to the Academy days where polo shirts were what we wore every. Single. Day. But this looks a lot better.

9. “Billow-y BOHO”


Perfect for the warmer weather! The matching bag and shoes are a nice touch.

10. “Sun’s Out Gun’s Out”


The only real way of wearing a tank top. One. must. Have. Gains. I also like the elongated fit.

11. “Dark Blue Blessings”


I”m waaaaaaaaaaay feeling the short sleeve button-up shirt. The ruby red button up top is a nice detail. Rolling the sleeves adds detail and makes the shirt look more form fitting.

12. “Gatsby’s Boating School”


He could teach me how to sail a boat any day. Rolled up sleeves on a blazer makes it a lot more casual and works with well with his shorts.

13. “Tribal Print Poncho”


This patterned top/dress thing looks super freakin comfortable.

14. “Lightweight Lace” on Jenn


I love the monochrome! The lace-y top’s details work well with pleated shorts. Shoes are also on point. An overall great outfit to wear in Spring!

15. “Bandana Blues”


Seriously though girls have so many nice and breezy options to wear when it gets hot. This top looks super comfy as well.

16. “Campus Casual”


More awesome monochromes! And nice sandals. They’re from Hawaii 😛

17. “Summertime Stripes (I Woke Up Like This)”


It’s like she’s a walking Instagram post. Horizontal stripes tucked into jean shorts scream festival season. I’m also quite biased towards New Balance’s.

18. “Even More Stripes”


I swear today there were at least twenty different people wearing horizontal stripes today. Caitlyn was one of the few that really pulled it off today. Rolled jeans with slippers look awesome. Rainbow brand sandals are quality and last a very long time.

19. “One Shade of Grey”


Such a nice casual dress! It’s made out of t-shirt material cotton right?

20. “Tribal Layers”


The patterns on the shirt and socks. Awesome.

21. “Patterns and Purples”


I wonder who this guy is. He looks AMAZING. LOL anyway patterns are always nice and the muter shade of purple worked well together. Button the very top button of shirts (air tie) for a different, street-y kind of vibe.

22. “The Professor”


Fit is such an important aspect of clothing, and he has this down pat with his slim shirt and pants.

23. “Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve Had My Starbucks”


Proving that you can always wear black on black on black anytime, any season of the year.

24. “Collegiate Captain America”


Seriously he looks like Chris Evans. SERIOUSLY. JUST LOOK AT HIM. HE’S GORGEOUS.

And this week’s winners are…

25. “Festival Vibe Feels” on Jay


Springtime is festival season. Events such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Music Festival call for versatility and comfort, all while still looking great. Jay’s outfit embodies this. A simple tank top with rolled chinos, accentuating boat shoes. The bead necklace and bracelets are nice details. And you can’t forget his glasses. His messenger bag even matches what he’s wearing. Bonus points right there.

26. “Modern Suburbs Girl” on Karen


Such a cute outfit! I love the lightweight, polka-dotted, sleeveless top tucked into high waisted shorts. Nice watch too! Very well done.

Congratulations Karen and Jay on your amazing outfits! This week we were particularly looking for outfits that really personified the idea of Springtime; the breaking away from the layers and dark colors of Winter. Thank you again to everyone that let us showcase them this week!

If you would like to be featured or have your picture taken, make sure to dress well next Tuesday! We always shoot around noon after La Sierra’s Chapel gets out, so keep an eye out for us!


Tim M. 


Photos by Tim M. and Ethan W.

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