Wearable Women Wednesdays with Vivianna

I don’t wear suits everyday, yet most people associate me with them.  This is true of Vivianna; she’s often associated with dark colours.  In fact, she was in our Campus Search Tuesday pulling off an all-black look.  But she doesn’t do it often.  Vivianna isn’t afraid to break out of what people expect of her and that’s why she’s this weeks Wearable Women Wednesday.

Shattering Expectations on Vivianna


“My style is all about my mood and the occasion. I love black and white and the occasional pop of color. Makeup is a wonderful tool I use to achieve a specific mood or aesthetic and really pulls anoutfit together.”


“Today’s outfit was about presentation, confidence, and comfort. Yes, comfort. I strongly believe my military boots can be worn with anything if it’s done right. They provide me with comfort, as well of an extra hint of edginess. Black on black is my every day uniform, but today was an occasion where I felt like mixing it up.”


“As an artist, I strive for the perfect balance of light and dark. I am light. I am dark. I am in love with the night. What is the night without a moon? A white lace peplum top with a black and white striped pencil skirt was what I chose to wear today on this beautiful day.”



“As far as my accessories, I have certain pieces I need to wear every day, and some to change. Necklaces are fun, so I chose a long one today to allow the lace at the top of my blouse to be noticed. A shorter necklace would have competed too much with the lace detail.”


“My ring has Pusheen the Cat on it because I feel that I need to carry cute things that make me happy. He is just adorable! I’m also obsessed with Hello Kitty, so small things are like little reminders to be happy and smile. My bracelets are things I wear every single day. Both of them are from bands I love and have seen live. I stole the Sleeping With Sirens one from my boyfriend, and I bought the Pierce The Veil one because they are absolutely amazing (and I loved the color combination and typography).”


“Art is my life, and my style is heavily influenced on my interests. Clothing is an important choice you make every day. It is how you will be perceived. Not everyone knows what you are about so it’s good to represent yourself well, but most importantly, be yourself. Confidence is a huge key, and sometimes it’s a journey. Life is a journey.”


Well there you have it.  Beautiful words from a beautiful gal.

Now, what I love about this outfit is just how it fits on her.  Clothes don’t need to be skin tight, but her outfit hugs her body enough that it shows off her figure and makes Vivianna look amazing.  The choice of combining black and white is a common one, but the fact that I’m so used to Vivianna wearing black makes this outfit stand out so much more.

As a fan of boots, I am impressed with how she combined her rugged black combat boots with an otherwise elegant ensemble.  This applies to the band merch on her wrist; it contrasts so well with her jeweled necklace.  Her choices show that she can dress to impress and yet retain her character.  That’s an important lesson for anyone who wants to “improve” their style.  Dress up for you.  If you’re dressing up for somebody else and you don’t have any personal style in your outfit, it will definitely show.  And Vivianna?  Her outfit shows that she dressed for herself and she looks how she wants to look.  As a result, she looks stunning.

So did you like this Wearable Women Wednesday?  What was your favourite part of Vivianna’s outfit?  If you ever want to be our next WWW, let us know!


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W.  

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