Let Your Pants Keep You Cool

Untitled A lot of guys make the misconception that all suit (or dress pants) are the same.  They believe that these pants are always thick and itchy, which leads to men not dressing very well during the summer.  I’ve seen so many guys in shorts and sandals that it makes me sick!  Hot weather doesn’t give you an excuse to dress badly.  Sure you don’t have to wear a jacket or suit all the time, but pants are required in almost any situation. So in this post, I’m going to talk about a few pairs of pants that I love wearing in the summer because they look great and they’re freaking comfortable as hell.  Apparently men prefer comfort over style, so why can’t you have both?  

1.   Tailored Khaki Chinos

Untitled   The term khaki really refers to the color that was developed in 1848 for British uniforms to blend in their campaigns in the desert.  Nowdays, they are a loose term for pants that have shades of yellow and brown.  Most of you guys are probably turned off at the fact that khakis were required as uniform when you were in elementary school and bring you uncomfortable thoughts.   However, the khaki has been modernized for the 2010s.  Instead of the baggy 1990s, business casual ones you see your dad wear, our khakis are slim and fitted. Today, khakis can be produced by a multitude of fabrics, including the Bullhead twill jeans from Pacsun to the traditional cotton ones you can find at H&M!  Thanks to its neutral color, they can be worn with almost everything.  Go sockless with a short-sleeve shirt to maximize your coolness in hot weather. tumblr_nlfszsSAuP1r5pl3ao1_500

Level Up:  Khaki is so great for summer that you should try out getting a whole suit!  One of my favourite khaki pieces is Spencer’s 1940’s summer suit.  It’s made of Gaberdine, a tightly-twilled fabric, but the high quality of the suit (since it’s vintage) allows Spencer to wear it even on the hottest of days.  Even though its a suit, he can wear definitely wear the pieces as separates.


I like to pair khaki with whites and blues to bring out a nice bright look.  Top it off with a panama like Spencer and you’re all set for summer!

Buy them:

Banana Republic Fulton Khaki Chinos

Banana Republic Khaki Non-Irons

H&M Khakis

2.  Cream Flannels

UntitledYou don’t really find cream flannels anymore but they were a great piece  back in the 20s-40s.  Just like the flannel shirts men wore in the 90s Grunge Age, these pants are extremely comfortable and soft to the touch.  Cream pants should be used if you want to continue wearing light colored pants, yet don’t want to go completely white.  I’d pair these classic trousers with brown to get that vintage look! Just remember that these still are flannels, so I wouldn’t wear these in extremely hot weather.   IMG_2457   Find them:

Reese’s Vintage Pieces


Briar Vintage 

3.  Non-White Linens

UntitledLinen fabric is created from the flax seed and is one of the best fabrics to wear in hot weather!   Just like cream flannels, most linen pieces are unlined to maximize how the fabric breathes.  This fabric doesn’t stretch and is very durable, but it wrinkles easily and should be hung after wearing, never folded.    When most people think linen, they associate it with white.    However, linen pieces are actually available in a lot of different colors. I only have one pair of linen pants and they are light grey, a color that also goes with everything.   It’s a great grounding piece and the “scratchy texture” of the linen adds a interesting element to your outfit.  I’m all about having a statement piece in my outfits, and these pants definitely own the part.  Check out a close up of the textured fabric: Untitled

Level Up:  Need to wear a suit in hot weather?   Check out linen suits! These suits are perfect for summer events, like weddings or barbeques!  Your legs and torso will both feel great when you don a suit. By getting a suit, you’re getting two new pieces to wear separately:  pants and a jacket.  If you get them in neutral colors, like Adam’s dark blue linen suit, you can wear the jacket and pants with everything.

UntitledIf the wrinkles of a pure linen piece are to much for you, I suggest looking for linen blended pieces.  This way you’ll get more structure and still have the coolness of the linen!

Purchase them:

Nordstrom H&M

 3.5  Vintage Palm Beach

UntitledPalm Beach fabric is an interesting one because they just don’t make it anymore. According to the Vintage Haberdasher blog, the exact content of this unique fabric has changed over its lifetime.  I don’t know much about fabrics, but I’ve worn pieces myself and they feel great; I’d even wear this one more than linen!  Spencer has a pair of Palm Beach trousers that he smartly wore with a thin sweater and spearpoint on a windy warm day.   Untitled

If you’re a guy who wants to get into vintage clothes, look for some Palm Beach!  They were the “linen” pants of the 30s-40s.  And yes, I know we had linen pants back then too.

Find them:

Briar Vintage

Reese’s Vintage Pieces 


4.  Classic Seersucker


Seersucker is the preppiest fabric there is to exist.  Instead of being easily-wrinkly like linen, Seersucker is known for its already-crinkled nature.  This crinkling creates space between the skin and the fabric resulting in heat dissipation and circulation.  Whenever I wear my seersucker pants, it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all.


Most of the time, seersucker has stripes, the most common being baby blue and white.  However, there have been different variations, such as gingham (instead of stripes) or even all black as seen on Articles of Style.  Since variations are rare, you’ll probably only find the classic blue and white style. It’s hard to separate classic seersucker from its preppy roots; you’ll commonly see them worn with pastel oxford shirts and navy blazers.  To set my style apart, I like to wear my seersucker pants with black to give it a little edge.  Here’s one of my favourite outfits, where I combined the seersucker with a black shirt and dark blazer.  It’s my take on a conservative prep look!


Purchase them here:

Cheap at Jos A. Bank


5.  White Pants of all Types

UntitledWhite pants of all types are absolute essentials in summer.  They reflect sunlight and simply work well with summer and spring colours!  Just like black jeans, these pants go with everything.  You can wear white pants with a shirt of any color and jacket and they will definitely look great since the neutral white will help bring out the colors of whatever else you’re wearing.

You can get white pants in any of the fabrics listed above, like linen, palmbeach, or cotton.  Hell, you can even find blends!  One of my favorites are my linen-cotton blend pants from Banana Republic.  I’ve had them for years and they serve me well! Untitled
Another pair of white pants that I own are my twill jeans. These are the casual partner of my other white pants, but they can be worn with tees or button ups to create different looks!  When choosing between these twill jeans and the Banana pants, I just go with whatever wasn’t worn recently.  The only difference is the fabric:  the jeans are roughly textured while the cotton/linen blend ones are smooth.


Even though denim is a much sturdier fabric than any of the ones mentioned, white denim is killer for summer time.  If you don’t want to go out and search for good linen trousers or wear some khakis, white denim is a great alternative. In fact, most of the guy models for our REVO line wore white denim jeans!


Picking white pants of any fabric will serve you well in hot weather or any day in Southern California.  You can always dress them up or dress them down with any color combination.  Here’s some of my favourite looks from the guys in white pants!









Banana Republic 




J. Crew 


So hopefully this post has helped you learn that not all dress pants (or pants in general) are made the same.  You can definitely wear some tailored trousers in hot weather.  Keep those typical black dress slacks at home and put these on!  All of these pants are meant to be worn in hot weather thanks to the fabrics they’re made out of!   Pair these pieces with a blazer to stand out at work or throw on a polo or button up to go out casually.  Just remember to find some breathable fabrics like linen or seersucker and try to go with white pants.  If you’re in Southern California like me, you’ll wear these pieces year round!   These pants are a great stylish and functional investment.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

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