Snapshots at Jay’s Friendsgiving 2022


The yearly gathering continues, complete with great fall attire.

I really need to write an essay on occasions, at least when it concerns events (or even casual hangs) that are not instigated by me. Such occurrences, rare as they are, are the few times where I have to consider what someone else is expecting me to wear. Though granted, if you’re one of my existing friends, chances are you like clothes and have a bone in your body that doesn’t shy away from standing out. And at this point in the pandemic, most occasions are just parties that friends throw rather than strict formal events with dress codes (my office is still thankfully WFH outside of team dinners and holiday parties). All this to say that any friend occasions appropriate for Menswear as a Hobby.

That’s why I love Jay. Like me, he loves bringing people together– as well as dressing up. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the one who always organizes a Friendsgiving (as well as Friendsmas), which has been covered on this blog since I started it. Jay has a more traditional corporate job compared to me so its makes sense that he’s always keen on creating an occasion to get dressed up for. And a nice potluck gathering of friends is a great excuse for fall sartorial wear. I like that his invites always specify a dress code, which is honestly more of a theme to prevent people from dressing too far “down” (which no one does). Obviously Spencer, MJ, and I are the ones “overdressed” but after years of this wholesome tradition, it’s expected for us to “dress up”.


Last year I wore a spin on evening wear, pairing a green DB with navy odd trousers and adding a black bowtie. It was bold and fun, which is why this year I scaled it back. Since I’ve had more opportunities to dive into the more daring parts of my wardrobe (as well as the formal side, thanks to the Symphony), I’ve started to appreciate the times where I wear something more subdued or “normal”. And “normal” in this case refers to something ivy (or I guess ivy-adjacent to my purists out there).

In my Patreon Discord, Kiyoshi said that Drake’s is to Thanksgiving as Ralph Lauren is to Christmas. I wholeheartedly agree and my outfit certainly reflects that. A full suit is always easy to wear and this comfy brown corduroy suit is no exception; it’s fun to immerse yourself in the dark, solid color. However instead of diving deeper into the somberness of solid colors, I break it up with patterns, colors, and textures. The shirt is a yellow button down collar poplin that is vintage Brooks Makers, the faded madder paisley tie features pops of purple and green, and then the green is reinforced by a 1940s sweater vest; Paraboots were the move as I wanted to give my beloved loafers a break.

The whole look is undeniably hey day Drake’s but its also just generally a fun look. These ivy-inspired outfits that incorporate sweater vests are my most “default” look in the fall/winter season. I think it was a great move for Friendsgiving, to be “normal” yet playful!


It seems that MJ also got the brown cord + Paraboot notice, as well as the untold directive to have some color. You can see that he has a red turtleneck, which he echoes not only with red socks but with the two-tone SJC waistcoat that stopped fitting me years ago. The khaki db jacket is a nice contrast to the darker tones of the rest of the outfit.

As you’ll see below, everyone else in attendance looks great as well! There were a lot of comfy sweaters, especially worn by the ladies. You can peep Annie wearing some designer clothing, no doubt copped from Silvia during Marco’s backyard sale. For the men, flannel shirts in plain and plaid were the move.

Jay was the one who took the somber solids note and wore his charcoal grey suit with a khaki workshirt and almost-matching khaki tie. It’s combo I feel like I’ve seen on myself (or on John). Spencer really went all out this year and wore his 1960s Brooks Brothers sack suit. He gives it the signature Spencer spin by adding in western elements like a sawtooth shirt and his beloved silverbelly fedora; I like his vintage pirate tie, though I don’t know what pirates have to do with Thanksgiving (maybe its a reference to colonialism).

I hope the rest of you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be back with photos from Jay’s Friendsmas, which may prove to be the opportunity to get Very Ralph as Kiyoshi said. Now enjoy some photos!





The host.





Pie makes us go Poggers.
Uni’s first BeReal.

Wouldn’t be a Drake’s-ish outfit without purple socks!
I was so full.

Love Andrew’s use of a yellow tee under a green flannel shirt.







Pumpkin Spice Martinis are good.
We love Jay and Deb.
No serious fit pics for Spencer.



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