Wearable Woman Wednesdays with Kelly

This week’s Wearable Woman Wednesday features the dazzling Kelly!

The “Winter in California” on Kelly


“Fashion is all about being yourself. If you’re happy, comfortable and confident, you’re fine. Dress to express, not impress. I used to wear a uniform, so the plaid skirt is really familiar to me. The chambray shirt takes it away from the preppiness of it all, but the boots put it all together.



“The necklace adds to the fun of the outfit and adds some pizzazz.”



“I love skirts and dresses, so I look for comfortable skirts. Build your wardrobe around your body type. If something doesn’t work, don’t try to force it.”


Thanks to the year-round summer that California bestows upon us, we are blessed with the ability to dress in t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and the like while the rest of the world is busy shivering behind their winter coats. Kelly’s outfit perfectly exemplifies the California mindset that says, “Yes it is winter and I’m wearing a skirt. I do what I want because I’m not buried under six feet of snow HAHA.”

I admire the the boldness in color of her plaid skirt that contrasts, yet compliments the muted hues of her sleeveless blouse and boots. Her necklace adds a nice touch of detail as well. I’m a fan of wearing blues with browns as well, and you can see that with the addition of her boots. I like how they’re the longer cut, which balances out the length of her skirt.

Many thanks again to Kelly gracing us with her presence on our page! What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear it? Let us know!

Interested in being our next Wearable Woman Wednesday? Let us know by emailing us at inquiry.streetxsprezza@gmail.com!


Tim M.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Tim M.

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