Styles of the The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942

The “Battle of Los Angeles” is one that is shrouded in controversy.  In late February, 1942 there was a rumored enemy attack which resulted in machine gun and anti-aircraft guns being fired which resulted in panic and conspiracies.  However, in 2015 it’s simply an event to celebrate veterans, the armed forces, and the 1940’s.  At the event, I saw vintage collectors, reenactors, performers, and just normal people getting into the vintage spirit.  Here, we show off some of the best looks from the event!

1.  “Windowpane Man” on Ethan


Here, I wear one of my favourite vintage suits.  It’s a very dark navy windowpane suit with a 1933 Union tag, meaning that it was produced between 1933 and 1936.  It’s an old piece of clothing!  It’s made of a pretty interesting fabric, having red windowpanes and white stripes.  Because I wear a grey fedora with this outfit, I wore black captoe shoes to make it a bit more dressy than brown shoes (which you would then wear a brown fedora).

I bring a custom spearpoint in blue oxford into the mix, with a collar bar.  Nothing looks sharper than these subtle gentleman accessories that can still be worn in today’s styles.  I finish off the outfit with a charcoal overcoat (modern), which really helped since it got a little chilly and windy in the evening!


I just started using pomade and I highly recommend it! My hair held up even with the fedora!



Patterns on textures!

2.  “The Herringbone Kid” on Spencer


Spencer decided to do the opposite of my outfit; he wears a grey herringbone wool suit with a blue windowpane overcoat.  Great minds think similarly, don’t they?  To keep warm beneath the suit, Spencer wears a light brown sweater vest, which is accented by the light brown pocketsquare.  For pop, he wears a red geometric pattern necktie.  Patterns in the 1940’s definitely got wild.  Spencer definitely kept warm that night except for his head; always remember to wear a hat, gents!




Lapel pins are sort of a lost art nowadays.  Spencer’s one is particularly relevant to the 40’s!


These shoes look familiar.  

Civilian Clothing

Here are some notable civilian outfits that we saw!

3.  Cary, the Ice Cream Man


Cary Farnsworth can be seen at many vintage events with his iconic ice cream uniform and bicycle!  His treats are absolutely delightful, but let’s focus on the outfit.  If you look closely, his collar is a different shade from his shirt.  That’s because it’s a detachable collar! The fading really gives the age.



Not even these pin-up gals can resist Cary’s treats.

4.  The Satin Dolls

All I can say is that these gals were lovely.  Amazing dancers and quite the lookers!



5.  The Zoot Suitier 


No one mess with this guy.  He’s rocking the zoot suit.  Not exactly flattering to a man’s body, but it’s definitely a look!

6.  “The Fancy Man” on Rob

Rob is just so tall that I have to get his outfit in pieces.  Apparently windowpane is such a great look that he decided to wear his three piece as well to match us!



Do not wear the same pattern in your pocket square and in you tie.  Similar colors, but don’t match! Rob knows exactly what he’s doing.


7.   Another Professor 


Three piece suits and a pocket watch are the best ways to be dandy.  This man decides to do a three piece with an odd-vest (not matching) to great effect!   I overheard him tell someone that his pocket watch is over a hundred years old! I highly doubt that, given the amazing condition, but it looks fantastic nonetheless.


8.  The RiveterIMG_1465

This woman was just adorable.  She loved having her picture taken!


9.  The Press


One official way to get into a restricted area is to be apart of the press.  I should’ve put a press paper in my own hat!

11.  Agent Carter 


This woman really got the look down! “Love the hat!”

12.  Blue For Days


Blue pinstripe suit and blue tie.  The real pop is in those white shoes.

13.  The Conservative


Nothing wrong with not dressing too flashy! I dig his vintage frames.

14.  The VolunteerIMG_1387

I’m sure volunteering at the army base was not as fun as you thought, Robert.  He wears a typical casual forties outfit, with his casual shirt under a nice sport coat.  The 70’s did not invent that look!

15.  Howard Hughes 


Check out the aged leather.  Like I’ve said before, nothing is more masculine and more insulated than a vintage leather jacket.

16.  Sharp Three Piece Pattern 


17.  The 1950’s Time Traveler


I loved this, even though it is more 1950’s than 40’s.  He rocks the spectator shoes and the short sleeve shirt.  Looks like he might know how to dance as well!

18. Assorted Vintage Couples

There were too many of these people there, so I snapped the ones I thought looked the best!


Aw, nothing better than a Navy Couple!



Here’s Tony on the dance floor, nimble as always!






Can’t be a true LA event without some streetchic! That’s for you Tim.

Lastly, the Armed Forces


General MacArthur even paid a visit with his iconic corn-cob pipe.


Belted and Bi-Swing backs were functional, as I’ve said before.  You can look good and protect the USA!




This man might be responsible for that weather balloon.  Or was it an enemy fighter?


Benny, owner of Reese’s Vintage Pieces, always has to stand out.  Check out his gorgeous military dress uniform. If you ever want some of the rarest vintage attire, please check him out!










Overall, it was a great event filled with vintage and true patriotic citizens.  Most of all, I loved to see people get into the vintage spirit and create  an personal outfit, whether it was true vintage or not!

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures as much as I did working on this.  Vintage style and fashion is an interest I hold very dear to my heart.

So would you wear any of these outfits?  Do you think it’s too costume-y?  Let us know below!


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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