What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Part III: An Elegant Evening

You’ve got the girl and it’s serious.  This may be the first fancy dinner you’re gonna have.  Maybe its the first time you’ve ever set reservations!  Or maybe it’s an anniversary and you want to go somewhere mature and classy, just like your relationship. Whatever the case is, this Valentine’s Day may be the time for your Fancy Dinner.  And whenever you have a fancy dinner, there is only one acceptable uniform:  suit and tie.   Here, the guys put one last outfit together to show how they would dress on a fancy dinner date.

1.  “Stepping it Up” on Christian


Personally, I feel that Christian wins for being the most progressive in his outfits.  He started up super casual, with some Jordans and a nice casual button up then a nice pairing of oxford, tie, and trouser, and now finally the full suit.  The black shoes make a much more formal outfit than brown shoes and yet Christian keeps things a bit fun with his micro-floral print tie.


“It’s time to bring out the big guns. The suit allows you to bring out your inner James Bond through your outfit.”


“I personally think that a good suit combination would bring out the very best in you as well as prove to your date that you can clean up nicely for her.”


Suit from H&M, Shirt from H&M, Micro-Floral Tie from Ted Baker 

2.  “Executively Simple” on Jason


Looks like blue suits are all the rage, huh?  Honestly, I much prefer a navy blue (or any blue suit) over a black one.  Black is ultra-formal and is very, very somber.  Save it for tuxedos and funerals, guys.  As you can see, a blue suit is diverse and can be worn with almost anything!  Here, Jason, the President of SALSU is wearing a great blue suit and a white shirt.  This allows him to put on his LSU tie to compliment the look.  Simple, yet classy look.  Jason’s shoes are also classic, being a slight spectator variation.




3.  “The Rule Breaker” on Ian


Normally I would tell you to never wear brown shoes with a black suit. And I still don’t advise you to do it, black should only be worn on black, and brown can go with everything else.  The reason is because a black suit should only be used for formal events. Brown is a very stark contrast to black, and it doesn’t often look good.

 However, Ian has an “I don’t care” attitude and it works perfectly.  He matches his brown shoes to his brown belt, showing that he still knows to wear the same color belt and shoe.  This is another simple ensemble to wear when taking your gal out to a nice dinner.


“The third time around, I think it’s time to let her know you can get all fancy and bring it all together. At this point I would assume we are very comfortable with one another. I would want to go out for a nice classy evening, and the suit is the way to go.”


“If I were to go downtown, this is what I’d wear.  The dark colors would blend into the night, and all that would be left is us.”

How poetic.


Suit from H&M, Shirt from H&M, Tie from H&M, Shoes from Aldo

4.  “Breakaway” on Rajesh


Are you guys getting how awesome white pants are yet?  Rajesh wears his typical blue blazer and white linen pants to give off a preppy/nautical look that we’ve explored in previous posts.  His gingham shirt adds a nice pattern to the plain nature of the rest of his clothes; the dark navy knit tie also adds texture.  To pull together the blue and white of his outfit, Raj wears a polka dot pocket square, puffed in a sprezzy (careless) way.

“I chose to break the stereotype oh darker colours or a full suit. I decided to add some colour starting with a purple and gray checked shirt. A vintage knit tie adds texture  and  the anchor tie bar simply makes the outfit more unique.  My pants are what really breaks a typical ‘dark’ colour block. I add brightness with pink based socks, a navy polka dot pocket square, and a classic brown wingtip.  I think this outfit really reflects my personality:  fun, relaxed, and nonchalant.”

IMG_0710 “For the date? I would have it revolve around food and the experience of a luxurious, multi-course meal. I would find a restaurant that I can trust and would’ve talked to the restaurant before-hand. I think knowing the people and the restaurant and forming that relationship will both enhance your experience and create valuable bonds.”


“Overall it reflects my personality, fun, relaxed, and nonchalant. For the date? I would have it revolve around food and the experience of a luxurious, multi-course meal. I would find a restaurant that I can trust and would’ve talked to the restaurant before-hand. I think knowing the people and the restaurant and forming that relationship will both enhance your experience and create valuable bonds.”


“After a fantastic meal I would like to relax with her and a cup of coffee or tea.  Even though we may be dressed up and be somewhere luxurious, I feel its important to not be uptight and stiff and rather be relaxed and comfortable.”

Checked shirt from Michael Kors, Vintage knit Tie, Anchor Tie Bar from J. Crew, White Linen Chinos from J. Crew, Pocket Square from Tommy Hilfiger, Socks from J. Crew, Shoes from Aldo 

5.  “A Touch of Floral” on Tim 


What’s the best way to stand out amongst a sea of suits of ties?  You wear floral.  Heck, I’ve done it a few times. However, Tim puts his own spin on it by wearing it with a full suit.  As a result, his floral tie is the main pop in his outfit.  The overall dark nature of the tie also ups the formality of the piece.  Tim keeps the same shirt as his Part II look and shows how awesome a tie can look with a cut-away collar.  Lastly, take a look at his shoes.  Holy crap those are fly.

“I almost feel like the suit itself is too business-like to wear on a date. In order to contrast the stark properness that the color and material the suit gives off, I balance the look with a more casual material white shirt, featuring a club collar. Then I pair it off with a wool, floral skinny fit tie, transforming the original boardroom look into a modern style that’s more accessible.”

“I believe that you should never stop trying to impress your girlfriend. After being with her for a while, it’s easy to sink into a comfort zone, where you both get lazy and forget about what it was like when you first met. It happens to the best of us. That’s why I try my best to always keep things fresh and new. Never settle. Remember what it was like when you were first started dating. Remember what it felt like knowing that she wasn’t yours yet, and you did everything you could to keep her interest. That’s what I think is key to having a long lasting relationship, and why you should always look your best. For her.”


” I don’t model don’t judge me 😦 “



“A little bit of detail can go a long way in bringing the outfit together.”


Suit from H&M, Floral Tie from TopMan, Shoes from Stacy Adams, Shirt from TopMan, Socks from Gap

6.  “Classy as Hell” on Ethan 


Once your style has matured, you can stay away from the basic colors of a suit and just have fun.  This suit just has a shade of blue that pops.  It even has a bird’s eye fabric that adds a micro-texture/pattern to the suit.  Who knew that suiting up could be fun?  With the suit, I wear a light pink button down shirt with a black knit tie (to echo the birdseye) and black cap-toe shoes. The black shoes and black tie help hammer down that this is a formal outfit.  The sockless look adds an ultra-modern twist.

Personally, I’m a big advocate of wearing suits.  Nothing shows confidence and style like a well put together suit.  But always make sure you know what your lady likes.  Don’t just go somewhere because you like it; build the date around her.  While this is very modern look, note that it’s plain.  Never outshine your date.


I think we can all agree that the theme here is to never stop chasing your girl.  Consistency and effort is the only real way to be a true gentleman in your relationship.  To me, one of the best ways to that is by dressing up.  If we dress well whenever we’re with her, yet keep our personal style, we will show her that we truly care.  Dress to impress and keep being yourself is how I live my life and a girl who realizes and enjoys that is one that I’d want to keep.


The girl I date doesn’t even have to dress super fancy all the time.  As long as she can accept me for who I am, I’ll find that attractive.  This outfit is diverse enough that she can be herself and that I can match with her very easily.


Don’t have a belt?  Wear a pair of suspenders!  I honestly prefer ones that attach inside your pants through buttons, but if you want to go for a modern, chic look just get a nice pair of clip ons!  Your gal will think you’re dapper.


A great example of scaling.  Small pattern in the suit, medium pattern in the tie.


Blue Birdseye Suit from H&M, Pink Shirt from H&M, Knit tie from J. Crew, Anchor Tie Bar from J. Crew, Captoe Shoes from Johnston Murphy

The lesson to take away from this is that a suit and tie is the way to go in any formal dinner.  So this Valentines Day, if you know  you’re going somewhere fancy and upscale, you gotta suit up.  However, suiting up doesn’t have to be boring!  It’s a time for you to put your personal touch on your outfit and stand out in your own way.  Personal style above everything else.

So which outfit did you like best?  Would you wear any of them?  Or what would you wear instead?  Let us know below!

We hope that you all have a great Valentine’s Day and that you go out with your special someone looking nothing but your best.


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan and Tim

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