Yosemite in Style

This long weekend, the Street x Sprezza Team went to Yosemite National Park.  The event was called TriCampus, when our university stays at a camp with two other universities for a weekend of worship, games, and hiking.  As expected, we looked our very best even though we knew we were going to be “roughing” it for a while.  We also included some of the different outfits of our friends and other people we decided looked particularly good during the trip.

What you’ll see are a compilation of special outfits from Tim, Rajesh, and Ethan along with a few single shots of other contributors and friends.  We shot over three days so there are quite a few outfits.

Rajesh’s Outfits

1.  The Outdoor Conservative 


Nothing says fashionable and functional like a utility jacket.  If you haven’t noticed, they’re coming back in being worn by both guys and girls.  Rajesh’s is pretty unique in that it has two flap pockets (also called bellow pockets).  Historically, most of men’s fashion comes from the “masculinity” of military uniforms, and this jacket is no exception.

Worn with this outfit are khaki pants (adding to the military look), a flannel button down shirt, and black double-monk strap shoes.  Being a conservative dresser, Rajesh mainly sticks to muted colors.  These plain green and khaki color help make him look like he’s got some outdoor business to do.



Raj keeps his sock game on point with a little splash of muted yellow.

Flannel shirt from J.Crew, khaki pants from J. Crew, Utility Jacket from Levi Strauss

Socks from  Nordstrom, Double Monk Strap shoes from Johnston Murphy

 2.  “I’m not going Hiking”


Raj keeps his look going with an amazing trench-coat-esque jacket.  The dark mustard color definitely make him stand out among the green utility jacket’s people kept wearing.  Underneath, he maintains that “prep” style that he loves with a brown wool sweater over a chambray shirt (a staple for all menswear) and blue pants.  The day that we wore this outfit, we were scheduled to hike in the Yosemite Valley, but Raj wouldn’t have it.  Because he was staying behind, he wore comfortable suede shoes; They add character because they are his “whatever shoes”.  Being beat up and aged, they can be worn with anything.  His socks, while colorful and add the most pop to his outfit, echo the striped pattern of the previous outfit.

IMG_0276 Notice that his jacket has a “sport collar” to close the jacket further.  We will definitely explore the details of his jacket in a later post.


Jacket from Zara, Brown Sweater from Banana Republic, Chambray Shirt from J. Crew

Blue Pants from PacSun, Socks from Nordstrom  , Suede Shoes from Zara

Ethan’s Outfits

1.  The Cool Guy 


Nothing says cool like a nice black jacket.  In fact, black in general just has a typical slick look but it’s important not to make it boring or too monochromatic.  For this outfit, I wore a nice denim shirt to add texture and a color pop.  It’s a very deep blue with brown buttons (which is the best) and is one of my favorite looks.  In fact, a denim shirt and black jeans is a reliable go-to for any casual event.

Worn with this is a nice plaid herringbone scarf which again adds texture and pattern to a plain outfit.  On the bottom are nice tapered black jeans with no break, cuffed to give way to my boots.  If you look closely, you can see that my socks have a leopard/tribal print to them, adding to the nature theme of the trip.



Leather gloves are also “simply cool”.


Denim Shirt from H&M, Black jacket from H&M, Herringbone Scarf from H&M

Boots from Nordstrom, Socks from OBEY, Black Jeans from PacSun, Leather Gloves from H&M

2.  The Preppy Lumberjack


Red plaid anything with jeans and  boots just screams lumberjack.  I was fortunate to get this authentic vintage 1950’s Mackinaw Jacket  (that’s the name of this particular type of plaid and jacket) from one of my favourite vintage stores in LA.  It’s very warm and fits in well with the Giant Sequoias of Yosemite.   The lining is fun and is made up of a pattern of trees.  How fitting!

I kept in the scarf and the boots, but changed the shirt and pants.  The shirt is a flannel gingham shirt that is a muted grey as to not take away from the color of the jacket.  For the jeans, they are simple; blue and cuffed up to play on that lumberjack look.

*Also notice the play on patterns.  The large plaid of the Mackinaw on the outside, the medium gingham of the shirt on the inside, and the small herringbone of the scarf in the middle.  Always, always remember to scale when wearing patterns.



Mackinaw Coat from Vintage, Gingham Shirt from J. Crew, Jeans from PacSun

Tim’s Outfits

1.  The Basic Parka


Parkas, like the utility jackets, are also in.  The main difference between a parka and a utility jacket is that a parka is generally longer than thigh length and has a hood.  Tim is a man of simple styles, in a contrast to Raj’s conservatism and Ethan’s loudness.  As a result, this one is very basic and functional but looks great.

Underneath the parka is a simple faded white sweater and blue jeans.  With the jeans, Tim wears a great pair of Bear socks.  California, represent!


Parka from H&M, Sweater from H&M, Jeans from PacSun, Desert Boots from Clark’s, Socks from Yosemite  ,

2.  The Lumberjack Skater IMG_0481

Yeah, plaid and jeans (plus a forest) basically makes you look like a lumberjack.  However, Tim’s lumberjack look looks different than mine due to the fact that his plaid is in the form of a muted shirt.  This style of shirt, with the dual breast pocket, is favored by skaters and is a bit of a staple for menswear.  His light beanie grounds the outfit in grey, yet adds enough contrast so that he’s not monochromatic.  If you haven’t noticed, being monochromatic is a bad thing.

As the hike went on, he shed the flannel/plaid shirt and tied it around his waist to do a “basic hipster” look.


Flannel plaid shirt from Volcom, Beanie from Publish Brand ,

3. Comfortable Hiker IMG_0792

I’ve heard that these Addidas soccer pants are very comfortable.  When you wear them outside of sports, they make a great streetwear look when paired with a button up shirt and jacket.  There’s not much else to say about this outfit, because he too is wearing a denim shirt and brown leather jacket (a look that is very versatile) .  His leather jacket is again unique due to the fleece hood, making it a cross between a leather jacket and a hoodie.  Tim wears his “whatever shoes” that also brings a bit of normcore to his look.This outfit shows that one can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.  Nothing wrong with mixing comfort and fashion.



Denim shirt from Uniqlo, Leather Jacket from OBEY, soccer pants from Addidas, Shoes from Vans

Other Notable Looks

1.  The “Old-Money” Hiker


Rajesh and I really loved this look.  Alexis is wearing a nice pink oxford shirt with an especially lovely cricket sweater.  This sweater may look familiar to you as it is favoured by “rich people” and tennis or cricket players.  Even though he wears a nice pair of leather saddle shoes, he modernizes the look with a pair of olive green joggers.  Joggers, as Tim asserts, are a new and trendy style that is being favoured increasingly as an alternative to jeans.

2.  The Streetwear Mountain Man


I don’t know where Jonah got his clothes, but he just has that aura around him.  I think he looks great.  Very nice streetwear clothes.

3.  The Wooly Cardigan


I think that girls in oversized cardigans are fantastic.  Kaitlin wears her lovely cardigan with flannel and jeans, finishing off the outfit with functional hiking boots.  Her outfit stands out because the green in her flannel is echoed by the green of her jeans.

4.  Like One of the Guys


Sarah is one of our good friends and an avid reader of our blog.  This outfit simply echoes Ethan’s first look.  She wears a nice black leather jacket, denim shirt, and black tights and boots.  I think she looks great.

5.    Only What is Needed 

Lastly, these looks are special in that they aren’t trying to stand out.  They just want to go hike, be warm, and that’s it.  Nothing wrong with that, if that’s the look you want to do.




As you can see, everyone has such a distinct style when going out into nature.  It’s important to be yourself!  If you want to keep your fashion going when you hike, go for it.  If you want to be functional, do that too.  What matters is that you own it and make it your own.


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W and Tim M.


  1. kirkstanovich · January 21, 2015

    I absolutely love this! Such a fun take on mens fashion!


  2. Scott · January 22, 2015

    Such great photos! What kind of camera and lens do you use for these? Great people shots and Yosemite is beautiful!


    • Ethan W. · January 22, 2015

      Thank you very much pal! Tim and I use a Canon T3i with a 50mm 1.4! However, some shots on here were taken with a 24mm 1.4! Really great for a shallow focus!


  3. jmickey029 · February 8, 2015

    That Mackinaw ,tho; awesome post!


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