Who Wore It Better: The Thick Cardigan

Trust me when I say that it was a complete coincidence when Rajesh and I were both wearing a thick cardigan.  Don’t get me wrong, fashion isn’t a competition; but wouldn’t it be fun if it was?

People think that “oversized” clothes in general can only look good on girls.  Other wise, they’d look sloppy.  However, Rajesh and I prove that wrong.  Oversized cardigans can be very warm and very comfortable and stylish if you pair them with the right clothes.  We each have different clothes and different styles so obviously people will have different preferences.  With that said, comment below and say which look you liked best!

1.  The Hipster Look on Ethan


My cardigan is pretty fun.  It has a sort of “Aztec” or “tribal/native” pattern that makes it very versatile.  However, when wearing large patterns, its always good to scale or wear something plain.  Underneath the cardigan, I’m wearing a normal red shirt and a black jeans, cuffed up with my favourite spectator shoes.  But lets focus on the cardigan.

The cardigan has a shawl collar, making it very rustic looking.  The buttons are particularly nice, since they are made of wood.  Wooden buttons are a small trend and I definitely recommend them for shirts or cardigans, as they add additional texture to any outfit.  Overall, its one of my favourites to pair with something casual.  I wouldn’t try wearing a tie (or anything “fancy) with this due to its size and pattern.




Red Shirt from H&M, Shawl Collar Cardigan form H&M, Jeans from Pacsun, Vintage Spectator Shoes

2.  The Comfortable Prepster on Rajesh


Rajesh is a natural with how to wear patterns.  Sticking to the rule of scaling, his large plaid patterns on his shirt are surrounded by the mini weave of the grey cardigan.  It’s considerably oversized, but it works well with Raj’s small and thin frame.  In fact, oversized works best on thin people, as it gives the illusion of girth (so to speak).  His cardigan is a light grey, which works with everything and also has a fleck pattern!  Fleck, if you don’t know are those small splotches of colour that you see woven into the cardigan.  However, even though Raj’s cardigan is lovely and his flannel shirt works great, the real secret pattern is in his pants.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that his slim blue chinos have a subtle marijuana pattern.  He doesn’t smoke, but I think it’s a cool personal thing to have on clothes.  Rajesh finishes this off by slipping on a pair of boat shoes.  If you haven’t noticed by now, he’s a big prepster.



That is the fleck.


Weed pattern!


Check out the textures and the colors.

Flecked Wool Cardigan from TopMan,  Flannel Shirt from Macy’s, Chinos from PacSun, Boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider

Next time, try out an oversized cardigan! It’s a great outer look if you don’t want to wear a jacket or blazer.  Just remember to keep scaling patterns or wear plain clothes underneath.  As always, make it your own!

So which was your favourite?  Let us know!


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W.  


  1. kirkstanovich · January 24, 2015

    I think my favorite is the first sweater. I love both sweaters, but the first one is definitely my favorite one! 🙂


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