Who Wore It Better: The Nautical Stripe

Continuing our new feature, Raj and I bring you a classic preppy pattern: the nautical stripe.  Even though Rajesh and I like to dress up (and even have some of the same clothes) we each have our own unique style.  So we decided to do a challenge:  let’s keep the same shirt pattern but we have to try and make it our own.  So let us know what you think in the comments below!  Who did wear it best?

1. Rajesh  


For the challenge, Rajesh brought back his classic trench coat from Yosemite.  Paired with blue chinos it makes a sailor/preppy look.  Along with this simple outfit, Raj wears his classic Golfer bracelet.  It’s a great simple look. With just the t-shirt and coat, he can be cool or warm when he wants to be.


Check out his contagious smile.




Trench Coat from Zara, Nautical Stripe Shirt from H&M, Blue Chinos from H&M

Tassel Loafers from Nordstrom

2.  Ethan 


Wearing a simple shirt makes an outfit less complex.  There’s no tie, no tie bar and the like.  Being a fan of complexity, I decided to spruce it up and add my favourite thing:  more patterns.  My jacket is black and has a small white fleck pattern.  This is named so because it really looks like someone flicked white paint in spots on the black jacket.  For pants, I wore the pants to my window pane suit.  Everything works together: the white of the sweater is flecked in the jacket, the blue stripe is in the dark blue of the pants.


I have a good smile too, okay.



Pattern mixing.

Flecked Jacket from H&M, Nautical Stripe Sweater from H&M, Suit Pants from H&M

Vintage Spectator Shoes

So there you have it!  Two of the same item, but worn very differently.  I recommend this nautical stripe very much.  However, wear it anyway you pick! Just make sure you pair it with the right colors and patterns!  Make that personal style.


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza 

Photography by Tim M. 

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