Creative Layering Pt. 2


I loved my last post on the topic of creative layering, so I decided to make another one! Here we get some rarer pieces out of the closet to play with some classic style!

Two Cardigans 


I don’t know about you, but I find cardigans to be really comfy.  Instead of putting on a hoodie, why not try to layer two cardigans together?  The base cardigan should be a light one (as in one you’d wear with a suit) and the top one should be a large, chunky, shawl-collared one!


Rugged gents of the 1920′s did this look all the time.  Heck they even did cardigans over vests! You could replicate the look with either a fair isle cardigan like I did or with a varsity one.  Just keep in mind that this can get warm pretty quickly, so I suggest a light button down band collar shirt (to keep the rugged theme grounded) or even a Henley!



Henley Tee from H&M, Grey Cardigan from J. Crew, Fair Isle Cardigan from H&M

Chinos from Pacsun, Boots from Nordstrom

Denim Under a Suit 


This one has been around the #menswear scene for a while, but I finally decided to try it out.  Instead of a vest or cardigan, why not try a denim jacket to layer with your suit?  It’s cool and a really unexpected way to add some warmth and texture to your suited look.


The key to making this look work is how well the denim jacket fits.  Avoid finding ones from the 80-90s, which have giant arm holes and a large body.  By opting to get a fitted jacket with high armholes, slim sleeves, and trim body, you’ll be able to have a diverse piece.  The slim nature of the jacket lets me slip it into my suit without any problems!

If you want to layer with denim, I will always suggest the full jacket.  Leave the denim vest at home.


Wanna add some more pizzazz? Try a knit tie and some suede shoes to keep the textures high in your fall suiting!


Suit from H&M, Denim jacket from Gap, OCDB from J. Crew Factory,

Shoes from Zara

Vintage Leather 


There are times when those fall days can warm back up!  Instead of packing on the layers, why not try one item that has stood the test of time:  the leather jacket.  It goes perfectly with almost any outfit, whether you’re going to work or heading out with your friends!

Personally, I like pairing my jacket with a simple sweater or tee and a nice solid pair of jeans. You can probably tell that I’ve been loving boots lately!

Bomber jackets were originally conceived to keep pilots warm when flying in cold, uninsulated, metal aircraft.  They were first long coats and eventually evolved into the short, waist length ones we see today!  However, not all jackets are made the same.  A true and new leather jacket will cost upwards of $250, if you want a quality piece.  However, that is where eBay comes in!

I got this double breasted bad boy for only $20 bucks shipped!  It’s got large lapels, which I love, and a removable fur lining!  Vintage garments are always unique, which fits me perfectly since I like to stand out.  Take a look at the lining and label of the jacket! If any of you know the age or the maker, please let me know.  According to me rudimentary research, I’m guessing that this jacket is post 1950 (back then horsehide leather was used) and probably from the late 1970s and early 1980s.


If you ever have some free time, just peruse eBay and look for leather jackets.  More often than not, you’ll find a piece that’s worth a lot more than what the seller is asking for, which will help you save some money!  Always go for vintage leather.  That way you won’t have to go through the process of breaking it in and you won’t have to kill the bank!


Vintage Leather Jacket, Henley from J. Crew Factory. 511 Levi Jeans, Boots from Nordstrom 

Belting it Up


Guys don’t really wear belted jackets.  There’s a whole stigma against them, since women are the only ones who wear them.  I want to change that.

This is a corduroy, full belt, chore jacket that I copped on eBay for $40.  It’s definitely similar to the Green Basic Jacket, but it’s got old school buttons and a freaking belt.  It could just be me, but I think belted jackets look cool on guys.  A belt adds intense waist suppression, further accenting the ideal athletic figure, and its just a stand out piece.


Thanks to the awesome jacket, I went back to the 1920s for inspiration, a time when suits and blazers came with its own full belt.  The OCBD has a  an awesome stripe (which is perfectly reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s) and the hat is a “worn-in” one from Reese’s Vintage Pieces.  This particular look is more dandy than the others, but it was actually effectively warm for that evening, trust me.


It still looks pretty badass in day light as well.  


Thrifted OCDB, Levi’s Belted Chore Coat from eBay, Knit Tie from Joyride Vintage, Chinos from Pacsun, Shoes from Allen Edmonds

I hope you guys enjoyed this article!  Fall and Winter is the prime time to wear some awesome jackets and to layer creatively!  Always be sure to have fun with style.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by David W., Francez U., and Jon H. 

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