Styles of the 2015 Vintage Fashion Expo

This weekend I was able to go to the 2015 Vintage Fashion Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.  Vintage fashion is a personal hobby of mine.  While I do love wearing modern clothes, there is something about the cut and patterns of the 1920s-1950’s that interest me.  So this weekend, I went to the Expo wearing one of my favourite and most unique vintage pieces.  I was also able to snap a few shots of people’s fashion  that I enjoyed!

Let’s start with my outfit (and my friends).

1.  Summer in the 1930’s on Ethan 


People make the common mistake that vintage clothes are over-exaggerated and super baggy; this is false.  While it is true that vintage clothes are cut roomier than modern clothes, they are not oversized.  In fact, a lot of my current tastes are due to vintage clothing.  The jackets are slim with fitted shoulders and pants without breaks (however they don’t taper).

Everything in this outfit is true vintage (except the shoes and sunglasses), from the 1930’s.  The shirt is a patterned shirt deadstock (meaning unworn), which looks very close to the patterns of “hipster print” shirts of the 1980’s and 1990’s.  The trousers are suit pants and are a light grey/blue stripe.

What makes the jacket truly unique is the back.  In the 1920s-1960’s, they had what they called a “belted back”, because it just looks like there’s a belt attached to the back of the jacket.  People would often do many things (including sports like golf) with suits and they got around this by sewing pleats in the back of the suit or blazer.  In my particular one, there are pleats where the armholes making it easier to swing; this gives the name to this model, “bi-swing” back.  The jacket also has interesting cuffs.

Additional details to note are the argyle suspenders (which add to an overall “old look”) and the captoe spectators.  Spectators when not the typical “black and white” are best worn with summer or spring looks.


Bi-Swing Action Back with patch pockets!


Look at those pleats.


Awesome unique suspenders, the Mark Twain Manufacturer Label, and the print of the shirt.




IMG_99951930’s Mark Twain Linen Belt Back from Ebay, 1930’s Lightweight Summer Suit Pants from Reese’s Vintage Pieces, 1930’s Print Spearpoint Collar Shirt from Ebay, 1930’s Tie from The Sarah Marie Shop, Stacy Adams Spectator Shoes from Ebay and Vintage reproduction sunglasses from Ebay

2.  The Vintage Conservative on Spencer


Double breasted jackets just exude power.  The upward facing peak lapels (or fishmouth, since they’re “open”) accentuate the old vintage silhouette of the male physique, making a sort of inverted triangle.  While not a belt back, Spencer’s jacket stands out due to the micro-herringbone weave.

Notice his shirt; it’s has an interesting collar no?  We call this sharp collar a spearpoint style collar.  As you can see, the collar follows the gorge (the opening) of the jacket, pointing downward.  He wears a nice light brown patterned tie over a collar bar, which holds down the spearpoint, which further accentuates their downward point.  Since they don’t make shirts like this anymore, Spencer got his custom made by Luxire.  They are a company that fully makes a bespoke (custom made) shirt based on measurements you send them.  I heavily recommend it if you have trouble finding shirts that fit your exist size.

 Spencer finishes this ensemble off with ap pair of vintage grey trousers (no break!) and black and white spectator shoes.  His spectators make his outfit much more formal than mine.

His points of interest are his awesome “golden gun” cufflinks and his awesome 1940’s aviator shades.  Notice that his shades are much more narrow than current aviators. His pocket square also makes the colour of his pants pop.




Notice the collar bar and the weave.


The pants have an awesome fleck pattern and you can see his awesome classic striped suspenders.


Reach for the sky.


Custom-made Spearpoint by Luxire, Vintage Spectator Shoes from Reese’s Vintage Pieces, rest from Etsy and Ebay

3.  The Dandy on Adam 

IMG_0050Looks like Adam has been reading the blog; check out those white pants!  They just go great with everything!  Anyway, the reason I call this one the Dandy is because it’s a combination of modern and vintage.  He’s wearing a 1940’s double breasted with a similar weave to Spencer’s.  However instead of a fuller cut pair of pants and a spearpoint, Adam wears skinny white jeans, a nice white shirt and red bowtie, and a grey/black sweater.

Even he has a “pop” item!  His socks have s’mores on them!






Now let’s get into the awesome styles we saw at the expo!

4.  Master Reese


Benny Reese is the man who owns the most vintage I have ever seen in my life.  While he collects some of the most unique and crazy items for himself, he also goes on many trips to simply get vintage to sell! If you’re ever wanting to get something that’s truly vintage, he is the way to go.  Check out his Etsy here.  He’s wear I got the pants in my outfit from.

In this ensemble, he wears an awesome pair of flannel trousers from a pinstripe suit, a sweater vest, and a fedora.  The common theme in his outfit is blue and it shows everywhere.  His fedora, tie, shirt, sweater vest, and shoes all have blue.  In fact, he hand painted these shoes to be that very color of deep blue.  Benny truly lives (or wears) up to his name.




5.  Ernie the Professor


I just come up with nicknames.  Ernie was a seller at the Expo and he caught my eye because he looked so academic and collegiate! Sweater vests and a bowtie are a look that we associate with being a nerd, but he pulls it off very well.  Just like Benny, Ernie pulls his outfit together under a blue theme.



7.  The 20’s Couple on Damian and Sara


I got my lovely tie from this couple.  Damian, as you can see is a big fan of the 1920’s.  He’s got that collegiate look down, with the large sweater, striped shirt with collar bar, and giant cap.  Other than being a photographer himself, Damian actually creates his own caps in a variety of different styles and fabrics that he sells!  The one he’s wearing is a tweed fleck.  You can check out his caps here. 

I’m not an expert on women’s fashion, but Sara looks fantastic!  She is also wearing a custom cap made by Damien, and is wearing a vintage floral print dress.  Her shoes are what is my favourite part, as they have a deco pattern.





8.  The Workwear Man on Rob


I couldn’t get a full picture of Rob’s outfit, but he had the workwear outfit down!  Just check out those reproduction vintage jeans!  He looks like he’s ready to get down to work!

Rob is a co-owner of another great vintage store in Orange!  Check it out here. 


9.  The Jitterbuggin’ Couple


These guys are my goal.  They looked so cute in their 50’s clothes selling their vintage!  This guy knows what good tailoring is; just check out that no-break!

10.  The Repro Master 


Annamarie is the main person behind ReVamp, a vintage reproduction company.  Even though we can always scour ebay, thrift stores, or the other vintage dealers for the rare stuff, the truth is we probably won’t find exactly what we want.  If we really want those pants with the crazy buttons, a custom made shirt, or a bespoke suit, she is the way to go!  She even does women’s clothing!  I mean check out her overalls!  Take a look at her facebook page! 

11.  The Workwear Gal


While not entirely vintage, she’s got the look down! Spectator shoes, peacoat-inspired jacket, and cap make her look like she could be working at the docks in the 40’s.

12.  The 50’s man


Who said you can’t wear a polo shirt with a blazer?  No one did; it’s a classic look.  And just check out that jacket!  It’s super 50’s with its atomic fleck.  He’s clearly been in the vintage scene for a while.

13. The Jumpsuiter


She reminds me of Rosie the Riveter.  She’s got her hair tied up, some vintage frames, and a great jumpsuit.  Her boots are what sold me,  though.


14.  The 50’s are great! 

Here’s some other styles I liked that emulated the casual looks of the 50’s!  As you can see, it’s a mix of modern and vintage.  Nothing wrong with that!





15.  The Streetwear Chic 


You don’t even need to vintage at all to look good.  Here’s a great street style I enjoyed very much.  I guess they both like to keep warm!

I hope you guys enjoyed this feature!  Vintage is something I hold dear to my heart and a huge hobby of mine.  I realize that it’s not for everyone, but maybe you’ll get some inspiration in some of these outfits!  All of these people had to walk around LA in their clothes and some even wear vintage everyday.  People may give them weird looks, but they don’t care.  I believe that you should apply this mindset to your own style and not give a damn what people think about your clothes.  Just wear what makes you look good and wear the hell out of it.

So which look did you like the best? Let us know by commenting!


Ethan W.  

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan 

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