“Warm and Windy” – Spring Outfits to Wear to Class


It’s time to put away the coats and scarves, because spring is finally here!  Even though the heat is slowly picking up, it’s still pretty windy out there, ensuring some chilly nights. This doesn’t mean you have to dress down, however; look at this as an opportunity to try some new looks! Today, the team brings you some great outfits to break out this Spring!

1.  Light and Quilty

UntitledEven though t-shirts can be dressed up , warmer weather mean you have to put away your button up shirts.  Try what Rajesh does here and wear a light fabric button up!  The lavender and pink is an essential color palette to use for spring time.  Think Easter.

With that shirt, he wears a pair of khaki trousers that add an air of casual to the look.  For future reference, these pants can be dressed up or down, depending on how you wear it.  Khakis are more comfortable and easier on the eye than white pants, yet more casual than blue pants.  It’s an essential item to have in this time.


Thanks to this quilted vest, Raj can keep warm if the winds get too much.  Since it’s a vest and not a jacket, it allows him to move freely and keeps only the body warm, allowing the arms to stay cool.  These vests are a great layering item in spring, since it’s definitely not too hot yet.


2.  The Wolf of Wall Street


Striped polo shirts were big in the 1990’s a symbol of the rich; nowadays you can find ones like these at H&M for cheap.  Polo shirts have been discussed before  and are a great alternative to the t-shirt.  When picking one, find a more fitted style to ensure you don’t look too “dad like”.  The one I’m wearing has a particularly deep placket, or the buttoning part of the shirt.  This deeper placket allows me to have it unbuttoned lower when it’s hot and enough room for it to be closed without constricting my neck.


When paired with essential khakis and tucked in, the polo shirt looks fantastic.  This classic Amerrican look It makes you seem dressed up when you’re wearing the same layers as a t-shirt!  It’s sophisticated and can be worn well into summer.  If it does get a chilly out, don’t sweat; try on a blazer to complete the look!

3.  A Reflective Outfit


I’m going to start featuring Jon more; he dresses so well!  Everyone knows that bright colors reflect light while dark colors absorb heat, so why would you wear something dark?  Jon wears a light blue oxford shirt with white pants.  No heat is going to this guy.  Even though it’s a button-up, he still looks very cool and casual.  Like the polo shirt, it’s a diverse outfit that can be created so many different ways.  Bonus tip:  if it gets a little cold, just roll down the sleeves.  Wear this one whenever you want; it’s a repeatable look.


Look at how his shirt is tucked in.  You don’t have to be skinny to pull off a button up; it just has to fit well.  A well fitted button-up won’t sag or billow out of your pants.


Another way to keep cool with your outfit is to go “sockless”!  The quotation marks are there because Jon’s actually wearing slip on socks, which only cover a minuscule amount of foot.  This allows your foot and ankle to breath in hot weather.  Just remember to roll up your pants, or else you defeat the purpose!


4.  An Unexpected Item

UntitledNo one would ever expect you to wear a sweater in hot weather!  To pull it off, and stay alive, just make sure it’s the only layer you have on top.  Just like before, just roll down the sleeves if it gets cold!  As for the sweater, just make sure it’s not a dressy patterned sweater.  This means no argyle; that’s a classic “dad pattern”.  Instead, try for plain ones or a nice striped sweater.  It’s nice and simple which is what you’re going for, right?  Because it’s a sweater, save this one for one of the more cloudy spring days.


Wearing the sweater with shorts ensures that you will stay cool.  Your shorts should be fitted and end right above the knee.  Anything shorter or longer is a no.  Here, I wear a pair of khaki shorts which adds to the overall preppyness of the outfit.  It’s dressy yet casual all because of the color.  Don’t underestimate the power of khaki.


Nothing is wrong with sneakers.  These ones are a perfect match for the outfit!  Another way to go sockless.

5.  Sophisticated Springtime


A step up from a sweater is the classic white button-up shirt. This item instantly dresses up any outfit and this one is no exception.  Instead of khaki shorts, Ian keeps it classy with a light grey pair.  A common theme in this post is being simple and that’s what Ian does.  He also keeps it sockless with a pair of boat shoes.  Another preppy item that can be used anywhere!

UntitledLike Jon and Rajesh, Ian wears a watch.  To keep his ensemble mature, he wears a gold one which contrasts nicely with his monochrome outfit.   As always, this a very repeatable look.  You should have shirts and shorts in basic colors, so wear this one out as much as possible!  It’s classy and comfortable.


His might be my favourite one of the set, because he just pulls it off so freakin’ well.  You go, Ian.

6.  Floral Hipsterness


“Florals for spring?  Original”.  I know its typical, but we had to feature something with florals!  This particular one is dark, so it does work more with lighter jeans, but I decided to go with black to add contrast with my sneakers and casual jacket.   Remember, floral print shirts are often “loud” so don’t try to add too much on top of it.  You’ll create an eye sore.  In fac the last time I wore this, I hid it under a  sweater! 


Floral print shirts are a great alternative to having plain shirts like we’ve featured before.  Most of the time, they’re worn untucked and with a simple pair of jeans, because of the pattern.  It takes a lot of guts to layer or even wear a tie with this kind of shirt.  So for spring, pick one out, roll up the sleeves, and walk out!

UntitledCasual jackets are definitely a thing, so bring one if you get cold!  This one is called a short jacket simply because of it’s cropped length; it ends right at your belt-line. In the spring time, these cotton ones are equivalent of the sick leather jackets I love to wear.  You can find these lightweight beauties in thrift stores!  It’s rapidly becoming one of my new favourites.

7.  Pastel Cotton Candy

UntitledSpring is a time for pastels, so why not go crazy?  Scott loves green and military style, so he wears a very 1950’s/military inspired sport shirt.  You can see that in the two pleated breast pockets.  Unlike the previous shirts on the guys, Scott wears a short-sleeved button-up which has no need for being rolled up.  It’s very casual, so I wouldn’t recommend tucking it in or else you’ll look like a dad or nerd.


Just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean you can’t have textures.  Scott’s shirt is chambray, a fabric often presented in blue, and his shorts are linen.  Both of these are very breathable and lightweight, so they’re perfect for warmer weather!


I just love this outfit because it’s so silly, just like Scott.  This Spring, have fun with colors and be yourself!  Dress to express.

8.  Warm and Sprezzy


Sprezzatura means “studied carelessness” and that’s what I did for this last spring outfit.  This just goes to show you that you can always “suit up” (this isn’t a suit, its a blazer and trousers) when it gets warm.  To do so, remember the “light color rule”.  I kept my trousers and blazer very light, to make sure I didn’t absorb any unwanted heat.  My shirt has a nautical theme, being light blue and striped, to keep my outfit grounded in cooler weather.  The only rebellious piece is the tie.  It’s dark, making it fit more with winter, but it’s my own whimsy.  Actually, I just was being careless.


Believe it or not, the jacket is very, very cool.  It’s perforated, meaning it has a bunch of tiny holes (birds-eye fabric) allowing it to breath.  The khaki/cream color of it also reflects light well, ensuring that I can wear it and feel comfortable in the warmth.  Grey is a natural complement to cream, and it’s different enough to provide contrast.  It’s always important to have contrasting blazer and pants, or else you run the risk of wearing a “non-suit” where a person is obviously trying to pass of their similarly colored garments as a suit.  It’s always better just to mix and match well.  This outfit isn’t for beginners but more for the gentleman who likes to dress up and yet stay cool in the increasingly warm spring weather.


I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a bit more on what to wear for Spring time!  There’s always much more ways to dress up, but remember that weather is no excuse to “bum it”!  Everyday is a day to look good.

So which outfit was your favourite?  Which one didn’t you like?  What are some of your favourite outfits to wear in Spring?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W.


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